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Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption


Cheat Codes

Enable the console by including -console in the command line of the .exe. Then during gameplay press ~ to open it and enter these commands:

addalldisciplines #Add Disciplines
addthing #Add Item
shapeshift #Change Shape
throwgibCreate floating objects
autoswitchtestCycle between held weapon and inventory weapon
damage meDamage Player
diseasemeDisease Player
commandsDisplay console commands
combatmessagesDisplay damage done to / given by Christof
netstatDisplay room's speed and other network status
totalsDisplays scene information
emit #Emits attack #
cash #Extra Cash
xp #Extra Experience
killmeFinal Death
freezeFreezes body, but can still move
frenzymeFrenzy yourself
reviveGive Full Health
shellGives shell to player
god 0God Mode Off
god 1God Mode On
noitemstatchecksHide item descriptions
framerate 0Hides frame rate display
freeammoInfinite Ammo
jump <level name>Jumps to specific level
whereisLocation stats
dropcash #Loose Money
advancementOpen Advancement Window
vaultOpen Vault Anywhere
poisonmePoison Player
sethideQuit game without quicksave
maxfps #Set FPS
teamSet NPCs and players on certain teams
framerate 2Show Framerate Off
framerate 1Show Framerate On
packSorts inventory items
stakemeStake yourself
embracemeTurn a human into a vampire
aiTurn Off AI
freecastingUse Disciplines with no Blood Loss
endgameView Credits

Contributed By: Starky27, X skallibur, and th3l3fty.


This is a code that can be used only during multiplayer

first, activate the console, as described above, then press ` to open the cheat menu during gameplay

humanity 0-100change humanity level

Contributed By: AntsInMyEyesJ.