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Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines


Console Based Cheat Codes

Just start the game with -console added to the shortcut command line. Press tilde (~) to open the console in game, and use these cheats to do various things. Note that the console is very friendly, and if you're looking for a particular code just press a key like 'g', and all the commands that start with g will display. Press up and down on your arrows to scroll through those commands, and enter to activate the selected one.

impulse 101All Weapons & Ammo + Clothing
vchar_edit_histories 1Allows you to give your character a history during character creation, which provides bonuses and penalties to different stats.
vstats get animalism 5ANIMALISM discipline is Max Out
vstats get auspex 5AUSPEX discipline is Max Out
vstats get celerity 5CELERITY discipline is Max Out
money xchanges breast size depending on value of x.
item_g_lockpickCharacter now has possession of Lockpick.
vstats get charisma 5CHARISMA skill is Max Out
vstats get dementation 5DEMENTATION discipline is Max Out
vstats get dexterity 5DEXTERITY skill is Max Out
vstats get dominate 5DOMINATE discipline is Max Out
god or godmodeenable godmode
vstats get firearms 5FIREARMS discipline maxed out
vstats get fortitude 5FORTITUDE discipline is Max Out
giftxp #give # number of xp points
give item_a_xxxxgive armor of type xxxx
Blood 500Give Extra or Infinite Blood to withstand greater attacks
give item_w_xxxxgive weapon of type xxxx
give item_g_bloodpackGives character a BLOODPACK
give item_g_bluebloodpackGives character a BLUEBLOODPACK
give item_g_eldervitaepackGives character a ELDERVITAEPACK
vstats get automatic_soak_successes 10Gives permanent +10 stats to EACH SOAK abilities.
vstats get automatic_str_successes 10Gives permanent +10 stats to MELEE and UNARMED abilities.
noclip 0/1Go through walls.
vstats get intelligence 5INTELLIGENCE skill is Max Out
notarget 0/1Invisible to enemys.
cmdlistList of cheats.
vstats get obfuscate 5OBFUSCATE discipline is Max Out
vstats get perception 5PERCEPTION discipline maxed out
vstats get potence 5POTENCE discipline is Max Out
vstats get presence 5PRESENCE discipline is Max Out
vstats get protean 5PROTEAN discipline is Max Out
blood #replace # with the number of points you wish your blood pool to be at. For example 'blood 4' sets your blood pool to 4 points.
cl_showfps 1show's FPS on the top right corner of the screen
OceanHouseQuestComplete()Skip the "THE GHOST THAT HAUNTS MIDNIGHT" Mission.
vstats get thaumaturgy 5THAUMATURGY discipline is Max Out
vstats get wits 5WITS skill is Max Out

Contributed By: BewareTheDrow, Badmagic, BaneStryfe, Mialo12, ChaosNight, ScrawlKnight, Chrono Shifter, LazyDervish, steelgaze, and OrangeChocobo.


Bonus 20 XP for Gangrel and Nosferatu

The History "Boogeyman" reduces Potence to 0. When you start playing, you can click the word Potence, and you will receive 10 XP. Move your cursor over Animalism and go back to Potence. Clicking it again will give you another 10 XP. If you click accept after your potence discipline is reduced to less than 0 (either -1 or -2) the discipline will vanish from your inventory forever.

The other clan that has this option is Gangrel.

Anda Gangrel -1 Animalism
Insectoid -1 Animalism
Boogeyman -1 Potence

Contributed By: Rotschreck.

Infinite XP points

When you start a new game go straight to the character creation screen and select your clan. Go to the character sheet then put your points where you want to put them. Go back to the clan selection screen and select THE SAME CLAN (selecting another will reset the points). You will now have the character points again besides the ones you allready have placed. Be careful not to fill your points up in one go because if you have remaining points, you cannot proceed with the game. Please note that this glitch was fixed in a recent patch.

Contributed By: Anticap.

Tutorial Ammo Secret

In the Tutorial when Jack gives you the thirty-eight revolver you can gain max ammunition for it by simply talking to him over and over. Once should give you the weapon, with some ammo. The next time should unequip it, but you are still getting ammo for it. Do it again and you will re-equip it, you can repeat this as much as you want until you have max ammo for the weapon. This is especially useful if you happen to use up all your ammo shooting at the bottles at the end of the hall.

Contributed By: Syrant.


News Anchor Room and Money Clip secret

At any haven you have, or can own, the man upon the TV who reads off the headlines is actually located in a room off from the main area. By enabling NoClip in the console you can 'fly' to this room and find him. The room is usually above the top floor and out to the side, you should be able to spot it once you clip through the outside of the area.

In each of these rooms there will be a money clip of $150, good if you need cash. Also you can look behind the desk to notice the anchor isn't actually fully modeled behind the desk.

Contributed By: Syrant.

Sheriff's sword

To get the sheriffs sword enter, give item_w_sheriff_sword

This is a secret weapon with no other way to obtain.

Contributed By: eternalmallice.