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Sid Meier's Pirates!


Top of The Line Ships

There are four classes that make ideal pirating ships: The tiny, darty Pinnace class, the swift, deft Sloop class, the balanced, steadfast Brig class, and the formidable Frigate class. Each one has three tiers in it. These are the ways in which to acquire the best ships of each class.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Often seen as Military Payroll carriers, or Troop Transports, attack as normal, beware of large amounts of enemy crewBrig of War (Brig class)
Offer to escort a war declaration or peace offering from a colony, and then attack the courier once out of portMail Runner (Pinnace class)
Often seen as a Pirate Hunter out of Spanish ports, attack shipping around a Spanish port and one may come out to attack youRoyal Sloop (Sloop class)
Relentlessly attack shipping of the English, French, or Dutch, keep watch for a "New Warship" Ship of The Line sailing aboutShip of The Line (Frigate class)

Contributed By: Agent Edmonds.

Easter Eggs

Brother Jeff

Randomly and rarely, the monk that greets you at a Jesuit monestary will be replaced with a likeness of Jeff Briggs, the CEO of Firaxis Games. He lacks the distinct shaved skullcap and pudgy cheeks of the normal monk, and instead sports a goatee and a completely shaved head. He otherwise acts like a normal Jesuit monk.

Contributed By: Agent Edmonds.

Mysterious Sid

In rare and random occasions, the Mysterious Traveler at the back of the tavern will instead be Sid Meier, the executive producer of the game. He will be most distinct, as he lacks the trademark beard of the other mysterious travelers. He otherwise acts just like a normal Mysterious Traveler.

Contributed By: Agent Edmonds.

No easter eggs here, matey

Open up the Piratopedia and look up the entry for St. Eustatius. Early in the entry the word 'Eastern' is used and only the 'Easter' part of it is a hyperlink. Click it to access a hidden page that firmly denies the existence of any easter eggs in Sid Meier's Pirates.

Contributed By: Sashanan.

Pirate-O-Pedia Easter Eggs

There are a number of hidden pages in the Pirate-O-Pedia. They are: Dread Pirate Chris - Navigating to the Campeche page and click the last full stop after the word 'here'. Frank the Green Monkey - Navigate to the Florida Keys page and click on the last full stop after the word 'sell'. Dead Money - Navigate to the Maracaibo page and click on the last full stop after the word 'you'. The Sprinkler - Navigate to the San Juan page and click on the last full stop after the word 'enforced'.

Contributed By: ScrewballMcGee.

Talk Like a Pirate Day in Sid Meier's Pirates!

When the data of the computer is set to September 19th (International Talk Like a Pirate Day), everyone will talk differently in the game. You will become ye. Avast, Shiver me timbers, and Arr will punctuate every other sentence. Nothing like a beautiful daughter of a governer talkin in pirate!
The dialogue is noticably different from the standard fare. Even in the menus and the narrator.

Contributed By: machismo.