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Various codes

First, create a shortcut on the desktop then right click on it. Open the properties section and Make sure the target reads as follows: "C:\Program Files\Ascaron Entertainment\Sacred\Sacred.exe" /CHEATS=1 During a single player game, press ~ to open up the console and type sys cheats 963. Then enter any of the following codes in the console to recieve the corresponding effect. To disable the codes type sys cheats 369 in the console.

cheat lordGod mode
cheat decapHeadless character
cheat suicideMakes your character explode
cheat teleportTeleport

Contributed By: cook hax.

Easter Eggs

Jason's items

West of Drakenden there is a well hidden forest path that leads to Jason's battered machete and hockey mask, both only for Gladiators. The path is well hidden, so just keep trying to get into the forest on the west edge of town, and you will find it.

Contributed By: chocomog.

Pacman Dungeon

West of the town of Faeries Crossing there is a hidden path in the woods that leads to a dungeon entrance. In this dungeon is a maze with dots you can ''munch'' and ghosts that will kill you in one hit, just like the classic arcade game Pacman.

Contributed By: Valhalla Dragoon.



Go into the Sacred Folder, and Open up system.cfg, using notepad (It might be sys.config). Change the Violence level to = 1. (Only works before the good 1.5 patch)

Contributed By: Innocent Blood.

Infinite experience with Seraphim (pre 1.5 patch)

If your level is about 20, you have wings (or other equipment) with the unique abillity to kill enemy's with lower levels on sight, and you have the conversion abillity, then you can get infinite experience.
here is how it works: cast conversion on a weak enemy from a distance. make sure there aren't any other enemy's around. walk up to it with the special equipment equipped, and it will die, but you will get his experience over and over again. you can stay as long as you want to. this trick will be undone if you:
- walk away from the body until it's out of sight
- kill another enemy

Contributed By: bartvangreevenbroek.

Thains Axe of Flames

North of Mascarell and East of Tyr-Fasul is and island in the midlle of the river on the map, go there. Behind one of the barns is a hidden path across the other part of the river, go there. Walk north along the shore until you can go no further and there should be a hidden path leading into the forest, the axe is on the ground.

Contributed By: PsychoticBunny.