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Sid Meier's Civilization IV



After applying "CheatCode = chipotle" in configuration-file, open console with ~ and use command "game.toggledebugmode".

With debugmode turned on you can press SHIFT+T to open CheatDialog to alter Gold and Technology


Contributed By: skaue.

Debug Codes

Open the "civ4config" file found in your Sid Meire's Civilization IV install directory (Default is "C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Application Data\Firaxis Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 4") find "cheatmode = 0", change it to "cheatmode = chipotle". During any game, open the console by pressing the tilda key "~", and type in one of the following then pressing enter.

Console.ClearClear the console
App.crashCrashes game
Game.showWBPalette bool bCreateDebugging
helpDisplays all console codes
Console.HistoryDump console command history
Game.AIPlay <turn #>Forces AI to plat a certain number of turns
Profile.morphGlobe <integer>Morph the globeview count times.
Profile.rebuildCity <x coordinate>, <y coordinate>, <integer>Rebuild city indicated number of times
Profile.rebuildPlot <x coordinate>, <y coordinate>, <integer>Rebuild plot indicated number of times
Graphics.ReBuildTerrainRebuilds terrain and lighting
Xml.reloadArtDefinesReload Civ4ArtDefines.xml
Xml.reloadLandscapeInfoReload Civ4TerrainSettings.xml
Xml.reloadGameTextReload Game Text xml files
Sound.reloadReloads audio scripts
Graphics.SetHillScale <number>Sets hills' scale
Graphics.SetPeakScale <number>Sets peaks' scale
Player.setGold <player #>, <amount>Sets players gold (0 is active player)
Sound.noMusicStops music
Sound.stopSoundScapeStops soundscapes from playing
Game.toggleTextureAccessInfoToggle output of texture loads/accesses to debug output
Console.CreateDocumentation <filename>Writes HTML documentation for the current console commands

Contributed By: Darkicon.

Insert Unit/City

After active the cheat mode, press ctrl+shift+left click on a tile. A menu will pop up and allow you to insert unit or city for players/opponent.

ctrl+shift+left clickInsert Unit/City

Contributed By: kimono38.

More hot keys

First enable Debug Mode then have either a unit or a city selected and push the following keys:

(City) Shift +"+"Add 1 to city population
(City) Ctrl + "+"Add 10 to city culture
Highlight a city. [Ctrl] + [Alt] + Left Mouse ButtonCity editor
Shift + [Decrease highlighted unit's strength by 0.2
Ctrl + DDisplay debug menu
(City) "+"Immediately complete whatever the city is producing
Ctrl + 4Increase gold by 1000
Ctrl + PlusIncrease highlighted city's culture by 10
Shift + PlusIncrease highlighted city's population by 1
Shift + ]Increase highlighted unit's strength by 0.2
Ctrl + Shift + Left Mouse ButtonInsert unit/city
PlusInstant production completion for highlighted city
Ctrl + PlusLevel up highlighted unit
Shift + TPops up a dialogue to change a certain nations gold and change the era
(Unit) Ctrl + "+"Unit level up
Ctrl + WWorld editor

Contributed By: Urian_, ph1000, and Darkicon.


Debug menus and hot keys

After you have enabled debug mode there are a number of hot keys to bring up new menus and edit things on the map.

CTRL + w: brings up the world editor.
SHIFT + [: decreases a units strength that your mouse is over by 0.2.
SHIFT + ]: increases a units strength that your mouse is over by 0.2.
CTRL + 4: increases your gold by 1000.
CTRL + d: brings up the debug menu.

Contributed By: Rheikon_basic.

Enable cheats

In your Civilization config-file (check where you installed it), change

; Move along
CheatCode = 0


; Move along
CheatCode = chipotle

Contributed By: Grawl.