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Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War


More Codes (game version 1.1)

Enter them in the console. Works in both Single and Multiplay.

terrlod_dist()Change the distance at which models lose detail
clsClear console window
render_togglewireframe()Colored wireframes
getsimrate()Display current game speed
dynamicdecal_dump()Dump dynamic decal stats to file
staticdecal_dump()Dump static decal stats to file
cheat_power( n )Give yourself "n" units of power
cheat_requisition( n )Give yourself "n" units of requisition
taskbar_hideHide taskbar
cheat_killselfKill yourself
quitQuit to Windows
render_togglerainbow()Rainbow colors
ingame_select_ui_toggleRemove selection boxes
cheat_revealallReveal all FOW
render_togglexray()See-through white textures
setsimrate()Set game speed
again taskbar_showShow taskbar
decal_toggle()Toggle banners and badges
fog_toggle()Toggle brown dust
terrlod_toggle()Toggle model detail drop
ingame_stats_mouseover_toggleToggle mouse-over stat bars
detail_toggle()Toggle shaders
shadow_toggleToggle shadows
ingame_stats_toggleToggle stat bars
simvis_fx_refreshUpdate screen while console is up

Contributed By: BLATSPLAT and th3l3fty.


Activating FPS counter

Bring down the console (by default Control-Shift-Tilde) and type:


this will display a graph in the top right corner of the screen, with the current frame-per-second.

Contributed By: elloehpipati.