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The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay - Developer's Cut


Console Code to load any map

Just hit Ctrl + Alt + Tilde to access the console. Check the Content\Worlds directory for possible maps, including fight, a test map, and AnimShowroom, the secret you unlock by collecting all of the packs of smokes.

map Xreplace X with map name, loads map X

Contributed By: Gray Vader.


Assorted Cheat Codes

Press Ctrl + Alt + Tilde (~) to access the game's console then enter the code for the desired effect.

cmd giveallGives all weapons and items in the game.
cmd noclipNo clipping mode.
cmd selfsummonSpawns another Riddick.
cmd killSuicide.
cyclecameraToggles between 1st and 3rd person views.
cmd godmodeTurns on God Mode.
unlockallUnlocks all developer's cuts and features.

Contributed By: Deftallica.


Animation Show Room

After collecting all 62 packs of smokes, including the three from the new areas with the Riot Guard, a new location called the Animation Show Room opens in the Extra Content. Here, you can watch Riddick perform all 28 of his combat moves on Johns, as well as some cool little easter eggs.

Contributed By: Gray Vader.

New Difficulty Modes

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat the game on easy or normal.Commentary Mode
Beat the game on easy or normal.Hard Difficulty

Contributed By: Gray Vader.