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Unlock All Areas and Weapons

Create a new profile, and name it "AccessAllAreas". Note: This will cause the intro movie to crash, press escape, and the game will load with everything unlocked.

Contributed By: EverLastingFate.


End of game - Mods

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete the gameMODS and Map Editor

Contributed By: Skwalin.

Easter Eggs

Christmas in Darwinia!

Play the game on [or change your computer's clock to] December 25th, and enter any level. It will be snowing in all levels, and if you have any Darwinians on the level, about half of them will be wearing Santa hats!

Contributed By: trick_fred.


Map editor and mod player

Place "ModSystemEnabled = 1" in your preferences file of the root folder of Darwinia.
Start up game and hit escape, there will be a new menu item called MODS.

Contributed By: Skwalin.