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Enemy Territory: Quake Wars


Single Player Cheat Codes

Open the console during a single player game by pressing CTRL, ALT and ~ at the same time. Then type the following command:

net_allowcheats 1

Afterwards, you are free to input any of the following cheats for desired effects. Note that those cheats only work in single player.

com_allowconsole 0Disable Easy Console access
Com_allowconsole 1Enable Easy console access
Give ammoGives you more ammo
Give healthGives you more health
ammogives you some ammo
godinfinite health, you have to type this everytime you respawn, re-enter to disable
noclipmakes you go through walls, re-enter to disable
g_maxproficiency 1promotes you to maximum rank and unlocks everything, enter g_maxproficiency 0 to disable
pm_thirdperson 1third person view, enter pm_thirdperson 0 to disable

Contributed By: Techno_Man, quelzoth, and Arcov77.