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FlatOut 2


Flatout 2 Passwords

Go to the main screen, and then Extras. Enter the passwords to have the desired effect.

GIVECASH1 million credits
RAIDERSIce Cream Truck
GIEVEPIXUnlocks All Cars and 1 Million Credits
GIVEALLUnlocks All Tracks
WOTKINSUnlocks Flatmobile Car
RUTTOUnlocks Pimpster Car
KALJAKOPPAUnlocks Rocket Car
GIEVCARPLZUnlocks School Bus

Contributed By: Brenton8907 and watertank.


Unlock Bullet GT

Get 97% complete in career mode by getting first place in cups and stunts. You won't get the Bullet GT by beating the race class alone. (Unless you got 1st place in everything you did.)

Contributed By: BeerTent.

Unlocking the ultimate cars of each class

To unlock the best car in each class, simply win the class' cup in the Grand Finals.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Win Race FinalsInsetta
Win Derby FinalsVenom

Contributed By: red soul.