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FIFA Soccer 06


Play as a 5-star team in Manager Mode from the start

If you go to the Team Squads menu, and put the worst possible starting eleven in as the first eleven, you will be able to select that team in manager mode as they will no longer be rated as 5-stars. You then save your Manager Mode game, go back to the squads menu, put the original eleven back in and load up your Manager Mode game once again.

Contributed By: ssj18vegeta.


Unlockables in Fifa Fan Shop

Win football cups to obtain points. eg. F.A. Cup

UnlockableHow to Unlock
get 5000 pointsCareer Teams
get 2500 pointsClassic XI
750 pointsComplete the 5 minute challenge
500 pointsComplete the Hat Trick challenge
500 pointsComplete the Underdog challenge
get 500 pointsFunny SFX
get 750 pointsGeneric Blue Football
get 750 pointsGeneric Brown Football
get 750 pointsGeneric Gold Football
get 750 pointsGeneric Grey Football
get 750 pointsGeneric Orange Football
get 750 pointsGeneric Red Football
get 750 pointsGeneric Silver Football
get 750 pointsGeneric Yellow Football
get 1250 pointsManchester United 3rd Kit
get 1000 pointsOverhead camera
get 1500 pointsPlayer Celebrations Pack 1
get 1750 pointsPlayer Celebrations Pack 2
get 750 pointsStadium Pack 1
get 1000 pointsStadium Pack 2
get 1250 pointsStadium Pack 3
get 1500 pointsStadium Pack 4
get 750 pointsTraditonal Football
1000 pointswin the dutch cup
750 pointswin the dutch eredivisie
1000 pointsWin the English Cup
1500 pointsWin the F.A. Premier League
500 pointsWin the Football League 1
500 pointsWin the Football League 2
750 pointsWin the Football League Championship
500 pointsWin the LDV Vans Trophy
750 pointsWin the League Cup
500 pointsWin the Scottish Cup
750 pointsWin the Scottish Premier League
get 750 pointsWorld XI

Contributed By: ssj18vegeta.