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74.30% Overall Rank: 8385
PC Rank: 2019
2009 Games Rank: 8365
2009 PC Rank: 2019
Score based on 25 reviews


Wolfenstein brings the Nazi's dark obsession with the occult to life with epic action and harrowing shooter combat. Use a powerful arsenal of both definitive and occult-enhanced Axis & Allied weapons to beat back a supernatural Nazi force that is full of surprises. You play as BJ Blazkowicz, a highly decorated member of the Office of Secret Actions (OSA). You are sent on a special mission into the heart of the Reich to investigate evidence that the Nazis may possess a new and mysterious power. While behind enemy lines, you discover the Nazis have done much more than develop a new toy. The Nazis are harnessing the power of the Black Sun through a dark parallel dimension called The Veil, in order to create a weapon of war-ending mass destruction. You are the only one that can stop them and save the world from their perverse domination.
Release Date: August 18, 2009

Latest Reviews

AusGamers 12/08/09 Review 6 out of 10
gamrReview 09/01/09 Review 7.6 out of 10
ComputerGames.ro 10/12/09 Review 75 out of 100
Total PC Gaming 12/01/09 Review 6 out of 10
PC Zone UK 12/01/09 Review 69 out of 100
PC Format UK 11/01/09 Review 60 out of 100
GamingExcellence 09/23/09 Review 8.2 out of 10
PC Power Play 11/01/09 Review 7 out of 10
Game Over Online 09/14/09 Review 70 out of 100
GameFocus 09/11/09 Review 7.7 out of 10