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Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Dark Crusade


Campaign mode cheats

Right click on the game's shortcut,click properties and then enter the command line " -dev " (without quotes) at the "Target" text box. Play the game,and then choose Campaign. in campaign mode,press ctrl + shift + ~ and enter the cheats.

sd_instant_build = 0Disable instant build
sd_instant_build = 1Enable Instant build
FOW_RevealAllReveal Map
fog_toggleToggle fog On or Off

Contributed By: biandohamka.

Skirmish mode cheats

In Skirmish mode, click the "Enable Cheats" in the config box next to the how many players you want in. For the codes to work, you need to press enter while in a skirmish game and when you need parenthesis for a cheat, you need to add them.

clsclears console window
cheat_killselfCommit suicide
cheat_power (number)Number of power
cheat_requisition (number)Number of requisition
quitQuit to windows
cheat_revealallReveals map
shadow_toggleToggle's shadows

Contributed By: christiantfo.