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Clive Barker's Jericho


Unlockable Extras

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Kill 50 enemies using melee attacks01 Cpt. Devin Ross
Kill 50 enemies using Ghost Bullet02 Lt. Abigail Black
Pop 50 heads!03 Sgt. Frank Delgado
Complete "Al Khali" on hard04 Sgt. Wilhelmina "Billie" Church
Complete "Man Down" on hard05 Cpt. Xavier Jones
Complete "The Tomb" on hard06 Cpl. Simone Cole
Pop 100 heads!07 Fr. Paul Rawlings
Complete "The Den of Souls" on hard08 Agent Muriel Green
Complete "Al Khali" on either easy or normal09 Arnold Leech
Complete "Still With You" on hard10 Deceased Devin Ross
Kill 100 enemies using melee attacks11 Cultist
Disintegrate 50 enemies!12 Exlposive Cultist
Pop 250 heads!13 Flying Cultist
Kill 250 enemies using melee attacks14 The Firstborn
Complete "River of Blood" on hard15 Corpses Behemoth
Disintegrate 250 enemies!16 OSS British Commandos
Complete "World War 2" on either easy or normal17 Psychic Commander
Kill 250 enemies using Ghost Bullet18 Machinegunner
Disintegrate 100 enemies!19 Flamethrower
Kill 100 enemies using Ghost Bullet20 Grenadier
Complete "Out of the Frying Pan" on hard21 Sir Richard de Gray
Complete "Motley Crew" on hard22 Brother William of Auxere
Complete "Sewers" on hard23 Warrior Crusader
Complete "Tortured Souls" on hard24 Crossbowman Crusader
Complete "Crusades" on either easy or normal25 Child Crusader
Complete "Imperium" on hard without being incapacitated25 Child Crusader
Complete "Crusades" on either easy or normal26 Bishop Malthus St. Claire
Complete "Decadence" on hard without being incapacitated27 Centurion Textius Longinus
Complete "Rome" on either easy or normal28 Governor Cassus Vicus
Complete "The Low Road" on hard29 Legionary
Complete "Morituri te salutant" on hard without being incapacitated30 Blind Behemoth
Complete "Temple of Pain" on hard31 Gladiator
Complete "The God Seal" on hard32 Antadurunnu
Complete "Spiritual Guide" on hard33 Enlil
Complete "Skin" on hard34 Inanna
Complete "Flesh" on hard35 Ki
Complete "Skin" on hard without being incapacitated36 Ninlil
Complete "Blood" on hard37 Nanna
Complete "Blood" on hard without being incapacitated38 Utu
Complete "Flesh" on hard without being incapacitated39 Sumerian Puppet
Complete "Sumeria" on either easy or normal40 Pyxis Prima
Complete "Rivers of Blood" on hard without being incapacitated42 The Jericho Team
Complete "Exorcism" on hard43 Operation: Godseal

Contributed By: ZhangKhaiEn and SKARDAVNELNATE.