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Natural Selection 2


Steam Achievements

This title has a total of 67 Steam Achievements. Meet the specified conditions, where applicable, to receive the Achievement.

Get healed with 1 health point‘Tis But a Scratch
Kill an enemy while defending an Extractor 10 timesAdam Smith
Kill a LerkAir Defense
(no official description)Arcade Champion
Kill a FadeAsymmetrical Combat
Destroy 10 ExtractorsBarking Dog
Evolve one Kharaa UpgradeBattle Ready
Kill an OnosBig Game Hunter
Deal 4000 player damage in 1 roundBloodrage
Kill a Marine who has a Grenade LauncherBomb Defusal
Destroy 200 resources worth of enemy technologyBurning Cash
Deal the Killing Blow to a Hive or Command StationCheckmate
Build 10 Extractors in 1 roundCombat Engineer
Build a Hive as GorgeCultivation
Kill 10 HarvestersDambuster
(no official description)Darwin Award
Deal 7500 structure damage in 1 roundDemolitions
Kill a Marine who has a ShotgunDisarmament
Complete all new player missionsEat Your Greens
Kill a GorgeEconomic Sabotage
Kill 5 HarvestersEconomics 101
Use Play NowExplorer
Kill a Marine who has a FlamethrowerFirefighter
Complete the tutorialFirst Adventure
Use a PhasegateFirst Class Post
(no official description)Fresh Larva
They say there's gorge treasure out there somewhere...Gorge Treasure
Complete the Alien Commander tutorial.Higher Lifeform
Parasite 10 Marines in one roundI See Human Scum
Infest everybody and stay alive.It came from...behind
Play a round as alienKharaa
Kill an enemy while defending an Extractor 5 timesLong Term Investments
Weld a Power NodeMood Lighting
Kill a Marine while defending a HarvesterMost Valued Xenomorph
(no official description)New Recruit
Destroy 100 resources worth of enemy technologyNo More Fancy Toys
Kill 15 HarvestersNo Tech
Complete the Marine Commander tutorial.Old Recruit
(no official description)One Gorge's Treasure
Kill a Marine while defending a Harvester 10 timesPatron Saint of Res
Kill a Marine with 2 bites and a parasiteProtip
Kill a developerQuality Assurance
Destroy 300 resources worth of enemy technologyRecession
Kill the enemy commanderRegicide
Weld 5 Power NodesRepairman
Destroy 15 ExtractorsRifles Only
Kill a Marine while defending a Harvester 5 timesSecure Investments
Kill an enemy while defending an ExtractorSecurity Detail
Be the last and only survivor against the InfestationSgt. MacReady
Use a Gorge TunnelSlimy
Follow 5 Commander’s ordersStrategic Thinking
Parasite a MarineTag!
Destroy 5 ExtractorsTeam Player
(no official description)Terminal Velocity Facepalm
Weld your team mates 10 times in 1 roundThe Doctor is In
Gorges can only take so much...The Last Straw
Kill a Marine after sneaking as skulkThey Came From Behind
Kill a SkulkThey Just Keep Coming
Play on 3 different mapsTraveler
I don't know what's in there, but it's weird and pissed off, whatever it is.Trust No-one
Play a round as marineTSF
Evolve 3 Kharaa UpgradesUnfair Advantage
Rattling the Cage reaps its own rewardUnleashed
Taunt after killing a playerUnsportsmanlike Conduct
Kill a Marine while having full healthUntouchable
Parasite 20 Marines in one roundWall Hacks!
Destroy an ExosuitYou're Walking Now

Contributed By: McMurphey and Eevee-Trainer.