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Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties


Cheat Codes

Hit Enter and type in the code. Case does not matter.

Shiver me Timpers!Destroys all the enemy boats on the map
a recent study indicated that 100% of herdables are obeseFattens all animals on map
<nature is cured>Get 10,000 Wood
give me liberty or give me coinGives 10,000 coin
trade plzGives 10,000 Export
medium rare pleaseGives 10,000 food
<censored>Gives 10,000 wood
nova & orionGives 10,000 xp
this is too hardInstant win in singleplayer
x marks the spotReveals map (fog of war is still there)
sooo goodShows a [NAME OF UNIT]'ED message when that unit destroys another unit or building
we <3 fluffy!1!Spawns a Fluffy
wuv woo vol.2Spawns a Flying Tapir
where's that axe?Spawns a George Crushington
mustard relish and burning oilSpawns a Hot Dog Cart
o canada 2005Spawns a Lazerbear
don't kick the pitbullSpawns a Learicorn
tuck tuck tuckSpawns a Tommynator
wee ooh wee oohSpawns an Andytruck
ding ding dingSpawns an Ice Cream Cart
ya gotta make do with what ya gotSpawns the Mediocre Bombard
speed always winsSpeed up building, research, and shipments

Contributed By: ZhangKhaiEn, what_ive_done, and whoami55.