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Imperium Romanum


Just type this in-game

Start the game, and enter the scenario you wish to play. There, just type the codes, there's no prompt or pause or console. Don't be confused by the buildings that will appear at the cursor, ignore them.

chnobarbarianBarbarians wont attack
chcureallCure everyone
chnofireFire will never occur
chnofoodFood is not produced
chfreebuildFree Building
chnomaterialsMaterials are not produced
chnomoraleMorale is not "produced"
chnocrimeNo more crime in town
chnoplaguePlague will never occur
chnoriotsRiots will never occur
chstartbarbarianStart barbarians attacks
chstartfireStarts fire
chstartplagueStarts plague
chstartriotStarts riots
chstopbarbarianStop barbarians attacks
chstopriotStop riots
chstopfireStops fire
challhistoryUnlock History Timeline
chgivemeallWill give you 1000 of everything
chwinWin scenario

Contributed By: Pc-lover.