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Alpha Protocol


Alpha Protocol Hint: Unlimited Ammo

On the level called "Intercept Nasri the Arms Dealer" there is an area that you can pick up unlimited ammo. When you finish the objective "Defeat Nasri's Guards" do not leave that room. There are three sets of stairs with a door behind two of the and one with a table across the top. In front of the table is an ammo pick up. This pick up will res-pawn every thirty seconds indefinitely. The type of ammo is random. During "Investigate Marburg's Villa", in the garden at the end of the level there are two ammo piles on the north and south sides that re-spawn if you move back to the doors.

Contributed By: dragonsblood32.


Alpha Protocol Unlockable: Bonus Class -- Veteran

Beat the game as a Recruit to unlock the Bonus Class, Veteran.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat the game as a RecruitVeteran

Contributed By: dragonsblood32.

Alpha Protocol Unlockable: Romance Perks

Getting "close" with the various women unlocks special perks.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
ScarletExclusive Interview / +5 Endurance, +500 XP
All 4 womenLadies Man / +5 AP
No romancesNo Time for love / +20 Endurance, 20% Endurance Recharge
MinaOffice Romance / +5 Endurance, +500 XP
MadisonRomance / +5 Endurance, +500 XP
Pick SIE as handler in final missionSavage Love / -5% Fury, Roomsweep, Iron Will & hard to kill cooldown
Turn down SIEThanks but no Thanks / -5% cooldown on Evasion and Iron Will

Contributed By: dragonsblood32.

Alpha Protocol Unlockable: Weapons

Perform the actions below to unlock additional weapons

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Kill BraykoBrayko's SMG
Do not kill BraykoBrayko's Stereo
Approach Al Samad Lieutenant without tripping alarmsGold Plated Assault Rifle
Kill BrajkaGold Plated Sub Machinegun
Fight Marburg to the death in the museumMarburg's Pistol
Kill Omen DengOmen's Shotgun

Contributed By: dragonsblood32.