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Dreamfall Chapters


Steam Achievements

Delivered the boyfriend's lunch.Choice & consequence
Finished today's volunteer work.Makoya!
The Balance has been rattled.Saga
Completed work at the lab.She's so cute!
Zoë left Storytime and was reborn.The beginning of the end
Kian escaped Friar's Keep and was reborn.The cold, cold sea
Completed work at the Pandemonium.Wel-ding!

Contributed By: Guard Master.

Steam Achievements - Title Update: Book Five: "Redux"

(no official description)A farewell to Enu
(no official description)A farewell to Shepherd
(no official description)Baby Papa
(no official description)Balance is restored
(no official description)Bird Bath-and-Beyond
(no official description)Fool me once…
(no official description)Journey’s End
(no official description)Making amends
(no official description)Never forget
(no official description)The Bloodless King
(no official description)The Longest Journey Home
(no official description)The Red Pill
(no official description)The Watilla is a lie
(no official description)TONIGHT WE FIGHT LIKE DRAGONS
(no official description)World's Greatest Kisser?

Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.

Steam Achievements - Title Update: Book Four: "Revelations"

(no official description)A Man of Notes
(no official description)A Murder of Crow
(no official description)Bad Boys
(no official description)Maaaps!
(no official description)Not So Dirty Dancing
(no official description)Portrait of a Necromancer
(no official description)Prophecies
(no official description)Shady business
(no official description)Single mans
(no official description)Sleepover!
(no official description)The Girl Who Walks Between Worlds
(no official description)TMI

Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.

Steam Achievements - Title Update: Book Three: "Realms"

She was a good kid. (Secret)A farewell to Kidbot
From now on, it's Awesomebot. (Secret)A farewell to Shitbot
Zoë has crossed the Divide into Arcadia. (Secret)A Whole New World
You made the best scrambled eggs in the history of mankind. Kudos! (Secret)Eggspert
You bonded with Enu. (Secret)Enu-time
Kian revealed personal information to one of the rebels. (Secret)Let's Get Personal
You bonded with Likho. (Secret)Likho-time
Saga has left the House of All Worlds for the first time. (Secret)The First Shift
You have a special way with goats. (Secret)The Goat Whisperer
You returned the maintenance worker's tools. (Secret)Tool Time
You have finally embraced your memories. (Secret)Total Recall
Completed Book Three. (Secret)Up, up and away!

Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.

Steam Achievements - Title Update: Book Two: "Rebels"

But did you make the right decision? (Secret)Data decisions
Zoë receives a recorded message from Baruti. (Secret)Dead ends
Kian gave Bip his sand-witch. (Secret)Feeding the young
Listen to the entire National Front speech by Onor Hileriss. (Secret)Honour & Humanity
So you thought there wouldn't be stealth and also you suck at it. (Secret)I thought there wouldn't be stealth!
Kian rejected the rebels and doomed reality to destruction. Good job! (Secret)Let the World Burn
Zoë completes Queenie's mission. (Secret)Lost girls
Get the fire-flower ingredients without getting caught. (Secret)Master thief
Arn Stont's message to his wife Gerdi was delivered. (Secret)Paying respects
Zoë learns the truth from Sully. (Secret)Stop the presses!
Identify the right Azadi collaborator. (Secret)The Right Mans
Kian's first mission completed. (Secret)The Test
Completed Book Two. Completely confused. (Secret)Wait, what?

Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.