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Tropico 3


Cheat codes.

Enter any of the following cheat codes while playing.

nowhiskey-20 Realtions with U.S.
novodka-20 Relations with USSR
whiskey+20 Relations with U.S.
vodka+20 Relations with USSR
muchopesosAdd $100,000
speedygonzalesInstant Build
elpollodiabloInstant Win
dinggratzMaximize Workers Experience, Instant Graduation
iamthestateNo Prerequisites for Edicts
pachangasiRaise Happiness
twoheadedllamaRaise Tourism Rating to 100
vivala1Trigger Assassination Attempt
vivala3Trigger Bomb Threat
vivala2Trigger Hostage Crisis
vivala5Trigger Media Occcupation
generalpenultimoTrigger Military Coup
vivala0Trigger Random Subversive Activity
cheguevaraTrigger Rebel Attack on Building
downwiththetyrantTrigger Rebel Attack on Palace
civilwarTrigger Uprising
vivala4Trigger Worker Strike
trabajonoUnlock All Missions

Contributed By: Miroku_of_Nite1.