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The Maw


DLC Achievements

Complete each requirement to receive the achievements.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Get 100% Eaten and Eat the Snuffle in Brute Force.Brute Force
Get 100% Eaten and Eat the Snuffle in River Redirect.River Redirect
Get 100% Eaten and Eat the Snuffle in Speeder Lane.Speeder Lane

Contributed By: LordAndrew.


Steam Achievements

Complete each condition to get the allotted achievements.

Help Maw grow for the first time.All Growed Up
Find and eat 200 Yums.Destroyer of Yums
With the Bulbous power, electrify at least 50 objects and/or creatures.Energize
With the Loofer power, laser at least 125 objects and/or creatures.Eyes of the Beloofer
With the Puff-Tor power, smash at least 50 objects and/or creatures.Ground and Pound
With the Beetull power, ram at least 50 objects and/or creatures.Hard-Headed
Get 100% Eaten in each level.Little Planet of Horrors
Play during Maw's six meal times: Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Dunch, Dinner, and Midnight Feast.Six Meals a Day
Find and eat 30 Gloobers.Tastes like Snot
Find and eat all the Snuffles.That's Just Gross
With the Gastro power, flame at least 150 objects and/or creatures.Time for BBQ
Complete the entire game.You're totally MAWESOME!

Contributed By: Guard Master.