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Battlefield 3

Easter Eggs

Battlefield 1942 tank easter egg

This easter egg works only in Team Deathmatch or Squad Deathmatch. When spawning in the russian side, going north, in the corner of the map (SouthWest) there is shop like building with 2 small walls. Shooting the left one with Rocket Launcher shows up small room with M4 Sherman and 3 posters (PC/X360) and 4 on PS3. The Battlefield 1942 themesong can be heard.

Contributed By: UnderShotButton.

Mirror's Edge Easter Eggs

There are several Easter Eggs and references to Mirror's Edge. In Death Valley, a runner bag can be found in a container suspended by a crane on a skyscraper. The game's theme song can also be heard coming from a cell phone in the bag. In Markaz Monolith, Faith's shoes can be found on the edge of a skyscraper, with it possible to also hear her breathing after listening closely. In Operation Metro, there is a blue sign overhead saying "Faith Connors" and "Catherine", referencing Faith and her sister, Kate. There is also another runner bag hidden deeper in the area.

Contributed By: Eve.


EA Origin Achievements

This title has a total of 34 Achievements through EA Origin. Meet the specified conditions, where applicable, to receive the Achievement.

2nd MVP in a ranked match1st Loser
Destroyed an air vehicle using the AA jeepsAAs revenge
Found the secret reptileBite your finger
Captured one flag while playing CTFCapture The Flag
Rank 45 achieved!Colonel
Got a kill with the following weapons in a single life: Assault Rifle, Jet, TankComplete Warrior
Without dying, got a kill with a Carbine, Pistol and Rocket LauncherDeadly tools
Got one kill with the GunshipDeath from above
Received one of each ribbon in the gameDecorated
Got 10 kills each with Tank destroyers and Mobile ArtilleriesDestroyer
Won a round in Conquest DominationDominator
Destroyed the GunshipDropship
Picked up 50 weapons in Scavenger modeExtreme Hoarder
Fell over the edge on Ziba TowerGrinding the Crack
Got 10 kills with each of the ten Back to Karkand weaponsGunslinger
Unlocked all xbow partsHandyman
Killed an enemy after successfully paradropping a vehicleHeavy Lifter
Destroyed an enemy vehicle using the xbowHome made javelin
Received all 4 weapon efficiency ribbonsInfantry Efficiency
3rd MVP in a ranked matchIt's better than nothing!
Got a kill from the passenger position on a motorcycleIts no sidecar
Took a swim in the Oman Hotel swimming poolJaws
Got a kill with the skid loaderLike a Boss
Took your first enemy Dog TagM.I.A
Completed a round of Gun MasterMan of Calibre
MVP in a ranked matchMost Valuable Player
Got one kill with the Quad bikeOffroad
Without dying, got a kill with xbow, primary weapon, and hand grenadePocket full of death
Got 10 kills with all ten CQ weaponsShow of Force
Won one round of Tank SuperioritySuperiority
Received all 4 support efficiency ribbonsSupport Efficiency
Got a kill with each of the following vehicles: the BTR-90, DPV and F-35.Third Tour
Transported a flag carrier in an air vehicle in CTFTransport Pilot
Received all 3 vehicle warfare ribbonsVehicle Warfare

Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.