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Steam Achievements

Complete each requirement to receive the achievements.

Complete a Puzzle with at least 3 QuantZ left in your rackAlbatross
Obtain a score of 106 734 200 in Strategy ModeBetter than the intern!
Complete a Puzzle with 1 QuantZ left in your rackBirdie
Clear all Puzzles in less than 1h30Cortex academy
Complete a Puzzle with 2 QuantZ left in your rackEagle
Obtain all game emblemsEmblematic
Complete the Action ModeGenesis
Obtain the Great Oracle Rank in Strategy or in Action ModeGod-like
Clear 1 shape with a single QuantZHole in one
Complete the Strategy ModeJourney
Solve all 100 PuzzlesPuzzled
Make a total of 10 000 explosionsQuantztastic!
Create a serie of explosions involving 35 QuantZThe Big Bang Theory
Obtain the Oracle Rank in Strategy or in Action ModeUnstoppable
Make a 10-explosion chainWorld series of QuantZ

Contributed By: Guard Master.