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Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation


Tomb Raider 4 codes

To enter each of these codes, you must be facing EXACTLY NORTH (the red arrow faces North, point it at the "N" on the compass on your inventory). The best way to face EXACTLY North is to get to a block, face the side that faces exactly North, then grab the block. Now you have 3 options. Let go, hang on, or climb up. Either way, your inventory compass should be pointing North. Now, it never points EXACTLY the direction you're facing, it wobbles around that point. Now, all of these codes have a standard combo: R1, R2, L1, L2, and UP. Hold all of these in corresponding with the chart below. All of these codes are entered on your inventory. Below shows what to hilight and the result. If there is a change in that particular code, you will see it in (parentheses).

Large Medkit (press down instead of up)All items for that level
Amall Medkit (exit then re-enter inv. afterward)All weapons
LOAD GAME Icon (hold triangle, too)Level skip
Small MedkitUnlimited Items/ammo

Contributed By: alfinchkid.