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Grand Theft Auto 2



First, enter WUGGLES as your player name. Then, on a controller plugged in to port 2 press the following buttons for the desired effects:

Square Button$100,000
R-buttons and L-buttonsChange popularity with gangs.
Circle ButtonMake police disappear when in pursuit.
Select ButtonToggle Coordinates

Contributed By: AIngemarson.


Misc. Cheats

From the main menu, access Play and then Player Name. Enter your name as any of the following:

BIGSCORE10,000,000 Points
HIGHFIVE5x Multiplier
NOFRILLSDebug Scripts
DESIRESGet Max Wanted Level
ITSALLUPLevel Select
DESIRESMost Wanted
WUGGLESShow the area numbers
LIVELONGUnlimited Energy
IAMPLAYAUnlimited Money

Contributed By: ATadeo, Mike Truitt, Helldhaz, KasketDarkfyre, Anonymous, and Wingedknight.


Change the radio station

When driving a car with a radio, you can change the radio station by pressing Up.

Contributed By: CDBavg400.


If you manage to survive, you can get your wanted level past 4 upto 6/7. By using the ''desires'' and ''livelong'' plus the ''navarone'' codes, use all the weapons and create mass-havoc in the middle of a main road, and simply blow up police cars at will. Hijack as many police cars and when availiable, the SWAT van, your wanted level will reach higher. Eventually, tanks will start attacking you and you can hijack these too but it is incredibly difficult. Sometimes three will attack at once and without the ''livelong'' code, you will die immediately. Once in a tank, you can rotate the cannon by holding CIRCLE and using the D-PAD. Fire like normal and it will shoot out a rocket. The ''desires'' and ''navarone'' codes are not compulsory, they just make it a whole lot quicker and easier. Remember: You can still die even with the ''livelong'' code on, if you are in a vehicle including the tank. And when you are in the tank, other tanks will try to destroy you. The only way around this is to destroy all the tanks around you first, using the rocket launcher from the ''navarone'' cheat.

Contributed By: gloBal enemy.