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Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back


Bonus Video (Japanese Version Only)

Hold Left + Circle + L1 + R1 when the PlayStation logo appears.

Contributed By: PhazonDaxter and Rezon.


Get extra items

Find an arrow box and jump on it 200 - 299 times and then jump on top of an enemy and you get extra crystals. Jump on it 300 - 399 times and then jump on top of an enemy and you get extra gems. This can give you a total of 64 crystals and gems.

Contributed By: psxdriverplayer and Rezon.

Get more than 99 lives

To make this glitch work, get 99 lives and enter a level. Break a life box/get 100 apples, and when the Crash symbol goes to the upper part of the screen, and starts to move towards your remaining lives, press Start and return to the Warp Room. You\'ll have 100 lives. Repeat this to get more lives.

Contributed By: KojiIgarashi.

More time in race levels

In the levels where you must race against a clock for a gem (Hang Eight and Plant Food), it is possible to get more time. With the clock running, enter the bonus area. As soon as you are there, purposely fail by jumping off the side of a platform. When you respawn in the level, the clock will have restarted with even more time than in the beginning of the race.

Contributed By: When Sporks ATTACK.


View Secret Ending

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Get 100% CompleteSecret Ending

Contributed By: KnightsEdge.


Bonus Level

In the "Unbearable" level, wait until the second polar bear falls off the bridge then jump down after it to enter a bonus level.

Contributed By: freakunique.

Extra Lives

In the second world, walk over to the polar bear. Jump on him, and keep jumping. Eventually you will get approx. 20 free lives.

Contributed By: Zetema.

Find Secret Area in Snow Go

Go to Level 7: Air Crash. When you get to the area with the boxes in the water, instead of taking the vehicle, do some dangerous jumps across the water to jump onto the platform. It will take you to a hidden area in Snow Go!

Contributed By: Gbness.

Go To Hidden Area in Air Crash

To go to a secret area in Air Crash, go to Level 13: Bear Down. Get through the level, and after the bear kicks you off, jump back across the small platforms. When your feet touch the large platform, you are instantly transported to a secret area in Air Crash.

Contributed By: Gbness.

Go to level 26 - a secret stage

Ride the bear in level 15 until you get thrown off at the end of the level. Now, make a long jump in order to go back across the chasm and to go back to the bear in order to warp to the secret stage of level 26.

Contributed By: Retro.

Go To Level 27

At Level 16, Hangin' Out, around where you get the crystal, go wade through the water into a little secret hole. Jump on a platform in the middle and you will be instantly taken to a hidden level.

Contributed By: Gbness.

Return to Boss Stages

Stand Crash on the Centre platform and press all shoulder buttons (L1, R1, L2, R2) and triangle and press up when Crash points up to fight that boss of the warp room.

Note: You can only do this for bosses you have beaten

Contributed By: Dark_Shadnic1.

Secret Area in Level 14: Road To Ruin

To access a secret area in Level 14: Road To Ruin, go to Level 17: Diggin' It. Towards the end of the level, you'll see a seed-spitting plant on a round platform. Belly-flop the plant to be warped to the secret warp room, where you can access the secret leg of Road to Ruin.

Contributed By: Sinspawn_X.

Skip first level

If you skip the first cutscene, you won't have to play the first level, you'll just go straight to the first Warp Room.

Contributed By: SonicWon.