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Dead or Alive


Extra Costumes

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Unlock all of Ayane's extra costumes.CG Gallery
Complete Kumite mode with at least an eighty percent win ratio or get the total playing time to twelve hoursDanger Bounce
Complete Survival mode by beating all ten characters or get the total playing time to nine hours.Danger Damage
Make sure all the options are set to the default settings and then complete Tournament mode to get one extra costume for the character you played with every time you complete it.Extra Costumes
In the training mode turn on 'command' mode then perform the characters complete reportoire of moves to unlock their extra voice option.Extra Voices
Complete the game using the Raidou under the normal difficulty level and default settings.Fight as Ayane
Complete Tournament mode with any character or get the total playing time to three hours.Fighting Order
You can unlock Raidou by beating the game with all of the original characters using default settings. Once you have obtained all of the costumes for the available characters you with recieve the second hidden character, AyaneHidden Characters
Unlock all costumes for all characters, then select costume 14 for the females, or 5 for the males and beat the game on normal difficulty with the default settings.Raidou
Complete Time Attack mode on the Normal difficulty setting within five minutes or get the total playing time to six hours.Safety Zone Size

Contributed By: Anonymous, falsehead, XxXSoviet RussiaXxX, Dekar182, and KasketDarkfyre.

Sytem Voices

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Get all costumes with all default characters and raidou.System Voices

Contributed By: Blue Man.

Easter Eggs

Character Wallpapers

Insert DOA game disc into a CD-ROM drive. Go to its file listing {usually D:\), select Omake folder, and copy the bitmap files onto your computer to use as wallpaper.

Contributed By: plushieleona.


Control Victory View

Press Up, Down, Left, or Right during the winning pose to change the camera angle. Press R1 or L1 to zoom in and out.

Contributed By: eggman n3.