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Final Fantasy IX



At the end screen press R2, L1, R2, R2, Up, X, RIght, Circle, Down, Triangle, L2, R1, R2, L1, Square, Square. Press Start to playPlay Blackjack

Contributed By: JL Lee.


Alexandria Mini Game: Jump Rope: Unlockable Items

In Alexandria, you will find a few girls jumping rope; have Vivi or Eiko in your team, then talk to them. They will let you play the Mini Game: Jump Rope.
Here is the unloackable list-

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Genji (card)100 times
King of Jump Rope (Key Item)1000 times
10 Gil20 times
Alexandria (card)200 times
Tiger Racket (card)300 times
Cactaur (card)50 times

Contributed By: aj_arcani.

Items obtained from racing Hippaul

At the beginning of disc three, while controlling Vivi, you can race Hippaul in the streets of Alexandria. Each time you defeat Hippaul, he gains a level. Every ten levels you get a reward. To race Hippaul, you must mash the circle and square buttons alternatively. Every time Hippaul levels up, he gets faster and more challenging to beat.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Get Hippaul to level 40Armstrong Card
Get Hippaul to level 80Athlete Queen- key item
Get Hippaul to level 20Carrion Worm Card
Get Hippual to level 70Genji Card
Get Hippaul to level 60Nova Dragon Card
Get Hippaul to level 50Ribbon Card
Get Hippaul to level 30Tantarian Card
Get Hippaul to level 10.Wyerd Card

Contributed By: werebarret.

Items obtained with frog catching mini game.

In Qu's Marsh, you'll see some frogs jumping around. Catching a number of them will give you various items and if you catch 99 of them, you will battle Master Quale( who will give you the Gastro Fork, Quina's ultimate weapon, when defeated). Here is what you get for catching the frogs.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Catch 45 FrogsBattle Boots (add on)
Catch 33 FrogsBistro Fork (weapon)
Catch 15 FrogsElixir (item)
Catch 5 FrogsEther (item)
Catch 99 FrogsMaster Quale Battle and Quina's Ultimate Weapon
Catch 2 FrogsOre (item)
Catch 9 FrogsSilk Robe (armor)
Catch 23 FrogsSilver Fork (weapon)

Contributed By: red soul.

Easter Eggs

Final Fantasy III Music

You MUST have the Doga's Artifact and Une's Mirror. You can bid for these two key items at the Treno's Auction house. After the world of Terra has been destroyed, at the beginning of disc four and onwards, return to Black Mage Village. Examine the gramophone at the Black Mage Village inn. You notice that the background music will change to a beautiful melody taken from the Final Fantasy III [Japanese] soundtrack and this melody continues on until you leave the Black Mage Village.

Contributed By: YSF.


A Secret With Ruby

At the beginning of the game, after fighting Baku for the first time, Baku will start explaining about the first mission that you will be having. Your first mission is to go to Alexandria and kidnap Princess Garnet. Baku will ask you whether you are kidnapping Queen Brahne or Princess Garnet to ensure that you know your mission well. If you keep answering Baku's question incorrectly for 64 times by choosing Queen Brahne, Ruby will then storm into the room.

Contributed By: YSF.

Final Fantasy IX's Second Ending

Complete the Stellazzio quest and keep Cinna's Hammer in your item inventory. DO NOT use the Hammer in the Legendary Synthesis Shop. You will see an additional hidden sequence in the ending. Your eyes got to be sharp to see the difference(s). The second ending is just a few minutes longer than the original one. Have one save file with the Hammer in your inventory and another save file without the Hammer in your inventory to spot the differences.

Contributed By: YSF.

Infinite Dead Peppers.

After finding Chocobos Paradise, talk to the Chocobo on the left of Fat Chocobo.If you ask for some, the Chocobo will bring your Dead Pepper count to the max amount, 99. Use or sell the Dead Peppers, come back and repeat as many times as you like.

Contributed By: hamster destroyer.

Legendary Synthesis Shop

In Memoria, you will reach an area where Quina thinks he is in the waters and he attempts to swim. After the conversation, search the right side of the screen to find a hidden area amongst the coral. A mysterious voice asks you to leave at once because you have disturb his sleep. Choose to refuse to leave and you will fight Hades. He's quite deadly. Once you have defeated him, you will be able to gain access to the Legendary Synthesis Shop.

Contributed By: YSF.

Optional Boss Fight Tantarian

You can fight this optional boss either in disc 2 when trying to save Dagger/Garnet, and in disc 3 when trying to save Dagger/Garnet and Eiko.
To fight this Boss, go into the library on the first floor to the left, and stand next to the bookcase on the bottom left. You should see a book lying on the top of the bookcase, which you have to challenge it to battle.

Contributed By: Ibrahim231.

Quan's Dwelling Reunion

After the destruction in Alexandria by Kuja in disc three, return to Quan's Dwelling with Quina and Vivi in your party. Quina starts to dream about food and a conversation soon takes place on the patio. I won't reveal anything about this conversation but you will meet a very important person here and learn some profound things. After the conversation, search the stopped clock on the patio to find a Running Shoes.

Contributed By: YSF.

Skip FMVs

To skip FMVs open up your PSX cover, and wait for the disk to stop spinning, and close the cover, or on your PS2, eject the disk and put it straight back in. This is especially useful when you are trying to get the Excalibre II as even when FMVs are playing the clock is ticking!

Contributed By: kingmark.

Enemy/Boss Tips

Defeat Soulcage in one turn

Cast the white spell Life on Soulcage during the boss battle to instantly kill him.

Contributed By: Orange_Apple.