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Final Fantasy Tactics


Music Test (Japanese Version Only)

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B-G-M-Ki-Ki-Ta-IMusic Test

Contributed By: N3k74r.


Duplication Glitch

When you get a powerful weapon (Excalibar, Save the Queen) you can duplicate that unique weapon. Get a person the Two Swords Skill and change that person into a knight. Equip the weapon in the left hand and a weak shield in the right hand. Head to any castle and use ''Best Fit'' on that person. You should get a menu that shows that you are buying that weapon you want to dupe. Choose yes.
(Does not work with crossbows or anything like that.)

Contributed By: ZalbagBeoulve259.

Gafgarion Item Duplication Glitch

In Chapter 2, Gafgarion joins your party as a Guest. In the plot battle at Zirekile Falls, Gafgarion betrays you and joins the enemy forces, and after the battle, his equipment will be in your inventory. However, you can give yourself a second copy of anything Gafgarion has equipped beforehand by stealing it during the Zirekile battle.

Contributed By: UltimaterializerX.

Igros Plot Battle Charm Glitch

In the Igros plot battle, the five Knights are supposed to disappear from the battlefield after defeating Dycedarg. However, a Charmed Knight will remain on the battlefield for the second half of the fight. This makes the battle against Adramelk considerably easier, because not only do Charmed Knights deal a lot of damage should they hit Adramelk, but they also serve as an extra target for Adramelk, essentially giving you an extra round of attacks per Charmed Knight on the battlefield.

Contributed By: UltimaterializerX.

Invisibility Glitch

When invisible, you can receive Experience and Job Points when Jumping on a dead enemy or ally. The game's coding considers removing the Invisibility status a top priority and completely forgets that the target was dead in the first place.

Contributed By: UltimaterializerX.


Unlocking Job Classes

To unlock the following job classes, you must reach certain levels on other job classes:

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Become a level 2 SquireArcher
Become a level 4 Summoner and level 4 MediatorBard
Become a level 4 Priest, level 4 Wizard, level 3 Oracle, and level 3 Time Mage.Calculator
Become a level 4 Lancer and level 4 GeomancerDancer
Become a level 3 MonkGeomancer
Become a level 2 SquireKnight
Become a level 3 ThiefLancer
Become a level 2 OracleMediator
Become a level 8 Squire, level 8 Chemist, level 4 Summoner, level 4 Mediator, level 4 Lancer, and level 4 GeomancerMime
Become a level 2 KnightMonk
Become a level 3 Archer, level 4 Thief, and level 2 GeomancerNinja
Become a level 2 PriestOracle
Become a level 2 ChemistPriest
Become a level 3 Knight, level 4 Monk, and level 2 LancerSamurai
Become a level 2 Time MageSummoner
Become a level 2 ArcherThief
Become a level 2 WizardTime Mage
Become a level 2 ChemistWizard

Contributed By: CVagts.

Unlocking the secret characters

There are five secret characters that can be attained in the game, six if you count the two forms of Reis. The following list shows how to get them all. NOTE: You must have Mustadio in your party to get all of the secret characters, and all of these characters are aquired in Chapter 4.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Read the rumors at Goland, go to Lesalia, then agree to accompany Beowulf to Goland. After a series of plot battles, he joins the party.Beowulf
Aquired after clearing all ten levels of the Deep Dungeon.Biblos
After returning Reis to human form, go to Goug. Cloud will run off to Zarghidas after a scene. After clearing Igros, go to Zargidas and win the fight.Cloud
Accompany Beowulf through Goland Coal City; Reis is rescued during the final battle in the series.Dragon Reis
Read the rumors at Zeltennia, buy a flower in Zarghidas, then return to Goug. This unlocks a battle in Zeltennia, and Reis takes human form afterward.Human Reis
After rescuing Reis from Goland, return to Goug Machine City. Worker 8 joins the party after a small scene.Worker 8

Contributed By: UltimaterializerX.


Score challenge mode (Japanese version)

Obtain the Book Of Life in Chapter two. Stop reading the book before reaching the "Good Ending". Then, read through the book again to access a hidden "Score Challenge mode". This mode allows the Chocobo Race sequence to be played for money.

Contributed By: 3bdallah.

See Monster Before It's Birth

On the editing screen, put an egg in the bottom row. Place the cursor on top and press right or left slowly or rapidly. You should be able to get a glimpse of fhe monster's face that's going to be born.

Contributed By: XmushXroomX.