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Final Fantasy VIII


Passive Enc-None Ability

If you keep opening and closing the menu using Circle (US) while walking you wont get random encounters. After menu closes there is like a half second timespan while encounters wont trigger. Useful to avoid random battles early on the game to avoid getting unwanted exp before getting LV Up Bonus Abilities

Contributed By: SemiDios.


Alternative way to get Missable GFs

If you missed any GF on your way through the game, you can get them during Disc Four at Ultimecia's Castle. After defeating Sphinxaur, choose to unlock the Draw ability. You'll then be able to draw te following GFs from the corresponding Bosses.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Draw from CatoblepasAlexander
Draw from KrystaCarbuncle
Draw from GargantuaCerberus
Draw from TiamatEden
Draw from TraumaLeviathan
Draw from Red GiantPandemona
Draw from Tri-PointSiren

Contributed By: Omega Tamheed.

Easter Eggs

Dancing Soldiers

In the Galbadian Missle Base mission (in control of Selphie) at the missle control panel hold square (card button), triangle (cancel button), and up on the missle select screen and the missles will change to a dancing Galbadian soldier.

Contributed By: jarodS.


Defeating Abadon easily

If you want to kill Abadon (Disk 3) with minimal fuss, use a phoenix down or elixer on it and it will die instantly. This works with other undead enemies and bosses as well.

Contributed By: Majestic_Arts.

Easy escape from battle

First off, you must have the ATB set to 'Wait'. During battle, access a menue window (Magic/Draw/Item/GF, etc) then hold down the run command (L2 & R2). The game disables enemies from attacking you since you're in 'Wait' mode, but continues to allow you to escape. This is a guaranteed escape from any escapable battle without taking damage while attempting to run.

Contributed By: Less_Minus.

Get Unlimited Free Potions

You can get free Potions in Timber. Get Rinoa or Quistis in the party, then go to the bridge where you saw the guards. Keep returning until a man appears. Talk to him, then talk to him a second time to receive a Potion. Leave the screen and return until he appears again and repeat. This is good for getting gil, or just to store up for a battle.

Contributed By: TeknoBlade.

Infinite Gil

To do this you must have the Recovery-Med RF ability and 100,000 Gil to start with. First you buy 100 tents. You then RF it into 25 Mega-Potions and sell them. You will gain your 100,000 Gil investment and an extra 25,000 Gil. This can be enhaced using Tonberry's Haggle abillity

Contributed By: KenobisEliet.