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NHL Breakaway 98


Alternate uniforms

Choose Anaheim, Boston, Chicago, Tampa Bay, or the New York Rangers as a visiting team. Then on the setup screen, select the ''Start Game'' option and hold Right + Square until the game begins. Now the players from those visiting teams will be wearing their third jerseys.

Contributed By: Dr. Pizza.

Bonus teams and Old School teams

Select exhibition or practice mode. Then at the team selection screen, press L1, L2, Square to enable the New York Sports, Salt Lake Frosties, or Canton Michigan Ratpack teams. Several other teams may be enabled by highlighting one of the existing teams and entering one of the following codes to play as one of these old school teams.

Press R1(2), Circle.Cleveland Barons
Press L1, R2, Square.Hamilton Tigers
Press R2(2), Square.Kansas City Scouts
Press L1, R1, Square.Montreal Maroons
Press R1, L2, Circle.New York Americans
Press L2(2), Circle.Oakland Seals
Press L2, R2, Square.Portland Rosebuds
Press L2, R1, Square.Seattle Metropolitans
Press L1(2), Circle.Toronto St. Pats
Press R2, L2, Circle.Vancouver Millionaires

Contributed By: Dr. Pizza.

Cheat Mode

Pause the game and press R1, R2, Right, Left, R1Cheat Mode

Contributed By: KasketDarkfyre.

Randomly created team

At the team selection screen, select exhibition or practice mode, then press these buttons

L1 + L2 + R1 + R2.You can now choose your own players to play with on a team. And use them for a game.

Contributed By: Dr. Pizza.