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Parasite Eve II


All unlockable weapons and items

This is the complete list of the items and weapons unlockable after completing the game. The cost of the item or weapon is shown in parentheses, if I have knowledge of them. Cost of item is in Bounty Points, obtainable after killing various enemies. The items can be bought after starting a new game, earliest at Jodie's Shop before the Akropolis Mission.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Rank D, 69 001 to 72k experience.44 Mongoose (2850), .44 Magnum (100 per 50 rounds), Skull Crystal
Rank E, 66 001 to 69k experienceAS12 (12500), R.Slug, Firefly
Rank F, 62 001 to 66k experienceAya Special, 9mm Spartan (80 per 50 rounds), Ofuda
Rank S, more than 400 001 experienceGunblade(10000), Ringer's Solution(200), Eau de Toilette(190)
Rank I, 44 001 to 21k experienceHammer, Belt Pouch (10000), MP Boost1 (320)
Rank A, 200 001 to 400k experienceHypervelocity (20000), Hunter's Goggles (1000), MP Boost2 (580)
Rank G, 57 001 to 62k experienceJavelin (7500), MD Player, Holy Water
Rank J, 16 001 to 44k experienceM203, Protein Capsule (10000), 9mm Hydra (50 per 50 rounds)
Rank C, 72 001 to 75k experienceM249 (15800), .44MaedaSP (800 per 50 rounds), Cola (120)
Rank K, 14 511 to 16k experienceM9 Bayonet (900), M4A1 Clip (1800), Flare (100)
Rank B, 75 001 to 200k experienceMM1 (23500), Airburst Grenades (450 per 4 grenades), Recovery3 (350)
Rank L, 14 510 experience and belowMonk Robe (3000), Medicine Wheel (27800), Recovery2
Rank H, 51 001 to 57k experiencePike (4500), Lipstick (5000), Tactical Armour (12800)

Contributed By: shadowfalconm16.


UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete the game fourteen times.300,000 Bonus BP
Complete the game onceBounty Mode
Complete the game in Scavenger ModeDeadly Mode
Complete the game with at least 69001 Experience PointsGet Scavenger Mode
Beat the game getting the ''good'' ending, and an ''S'' rank for beating the gameGunblade
Complete the game and end it with an A rank. Buy in replay mode for 20000 BPHyper Velocity Weapon
Complete the game and end it with an L rank. Buy it in Replay Mode for 3000 BPMonk Robe
Complete Scavenger ModeNightmare Mode
Complete the game onceReplay Mode

Contributed By: Nemesis, _WILPETER_LAO_, and Anonymous.


Gunblade Without S Ranking.

First, Obtain an L Ranking. You will Recieve: Monk Robe, Medicine Wheel, and Recovery2 on your next play through. Purchase the Medicine Wheel from Jody, then contine the game until you fight Number9 in Dryfield. If you equip the Medicine Wheel, he will drop a Gunblade after you defeat him.

Contributed By: 0MGWTFBBQ.

Shooting Range Prizes

In each Level of the shooting range in the M.I.S.T. Center, if you get a high enough score you get BP and prizes. Here's a list of stuff:

Reccomended Gun:M4A1, P229, MP5A5 or AS12
Level 1:
Score-8000 BP-100
Score-9000 BP-200 Prize-50 9mm Hydra Rounds
Score-10000+ BP-300 Prize-'' ''
Level 2:
Score-16000 BP-100
Score-16800 BP-200 Prize-Ringer's Solution
Score-17400+ BP-200 Prize-'' ''
Level 3:
Score-39000 BP-100
Score-46000 BP-200 Prize-Hunter Goggles-very useful
Score-50000+ BP-300 Prize-'' ''
Level 4:
Score-52000 BP-100
Score-56000 BP-200
Score-60000+ BP-300 Prize-Lipstick-OK attachment until ofuda, medicine wheel and holy water are obtained
Level 5:
Score-50000 BP-100
Score-53000 BP-200
Score- 55000+ BP-300 Prize-Shoulder Holster

Contributed By: PEnergy.

Enemy/Boss Tips

Defeating the fire-breathing ANMC in Mojave Desert in Nightmare mode

At the beginning of battle the ANMC will do one of the following. It will either smash the floor with his arm; swing his arm; or breathe fire in a flame attack. Reset the game if you see him do either the second or third type of attacks. Things will be much easier if he does the first type of attack. At the beginning of battle, press Square as you face right. Then, run and turn right while running until you change screens. Move north while running against the right wall until you change screens. Release all buttons so that Aya will face the ANMC. Immediately hold Down until you change screens again and stay there. You can only see the ANMC's head here, and you must be here before he gets close to you and do the flame attack. If done correctly, his flame will not be able to hit you here, and he will not attack you with any physical attack,making it impossible to lose.

Contributed By: _WILPETER_LAO_.