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Resident Evil 2


Extra Ammo

Before you use the custom parts on the VP70(Handgun), Desert Eagle(Magnum) or Shotgun use the remaing ammo in the clip/breech. When you use the custom parts to upgrade the gun it will automatically be fully loaded. This may seem like a small amount of ammo but can go a long way in the harder difficuties were ammo is rarer.

Contributed By: Skullswordsmen.


Misc. Unlockables

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Infinite Rocket LauncherBeat scenario 1 on normal difficulty in less than 2:30 with an A or B ranking
Machine GunBeat scenario 2 on normal difficulty in less than 3 hours with an A or B ranking
Gatling GunBeat the second scenario on Normal difficulty in less than 2:30 and get an A or B ranking.
Hunk ScenarioComplete scenario 1 and scenario 2 and get an A ranking on one of them, then save your game.
Tofu ScenarioComplete six scenarios and get an A ranking on one of them, then save your game.

Contributed By: juanca45002 and Undrtakr.

Easter Eggs

Hidden R.P.D. Entrance Gate

The R.P.D.'s main outdoor entrance gate, which Jill passes through in RE3, can also be encountered in RE2 as a well-hidden easter egg. Unlike most areas in the game, this one in particular has a few special requirements in order to be accessed: 1) You need to kill the two zombies that hang out on the lawn directly outside of the R.P.D. If you've activated Brad's presence in the same area, the two lawn zombies will only appear AFTER you've killed Brad and have re-entered the area. They MUST be killed. 2) Head directly across from the R.P.D.'s main entrance doors and check the outer wall (press X). The camera will shift to a view outside of the entrance gate with three additional zombies attempting to break in. This special viewpoint can only be accessed once per visit to the area, so you'll have to re-enter and press X every time you wish to see it again.

Contributed By: Spoofer.

Shoot The Camera

To do this, go to the outside area in the basement where two dogs jump down from the fence. Quickly stand with your back facing the manhole and walk forward until the camera angle changes. Now draw your weapon and shoot. Then, bullet holes will appear on the screen

Note: Use only shotgun. Other weapons will not work.

Contributed By: piecemealcranky.


Extra Costumes

To get extra costumes for the game, you must first play the game on normal. DO NOT get the extra ammo in the gun-shop or on the bus. When you get to the Police station, near the subway there is a zombie. If you look closely, you will see that it is Brad Vickers, the helicopter pilot from the first one. After killing him, inspect his corpse and you will find a key. This key will unlock a shelf somewhere in the police station that you couldn't before. Inside it are extra costumes for Claire and Leon.

Contributed By: Aganar.

Secret Photo

In the STARS Office, check Wesker's desk, then continue to check it until right around the 50th time. Take the film to the dark room, and develop it and you will get a secret photo of Rebecca from the first Resident Evil

Contributed By: KasketDarkfyre.