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Resident Evil: Director's Cut


Misc. Codes

Highlight Advanced Mode at the main menu, then press and hold Right until the word Advanced turns green.Double Ammo
At the demo title screen highlight New Game and hold Right for a few seconds.More skill levels

Contributed By: ATadeo, Final Fantsay Player, and peach freak.


Infinte Magnum Ammo in Advanced Mode

When you place the red jewel into the tiger statue, three cases of magnum ammo will be revealed for the taking. Take one (or two), leave the room, and then enter it again. All three cases will have respawned. Use this as many times as you like for infinite ammo.

Contributed By: ReverseMeowMeow.


Misc. Unlockables

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Unlimited Rocket LauncherBeat the game on any mode with Chris or Jill in less than 3:00
Unlimited MagnumComplete the game in Advanced mode and save all your partners
New CostumesComplete the game once in Training or Standard mode with either character and save all your partners.

Contributed By: Mysticcat and cvxfreak.