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South Park Rally


Miscellaneous Unlockables

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Win the Championship mode without using any tokens to unlock all cars, skins, and other cheat options.Big Ass Cheat
Win the Rally Days 1 race without picking up any items or power-ups.Cheat Sheet
Collect the three hidden items in the Valentine's Day race - one on top of each tower, the third is hidden behind the pic of the skater in the jungle.Extra Skins
Sucessfully complete Championship mode.Random Checkpoints

Contributed By: RangerJedi.

Unlock Characters

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Lose without getting any pickups in the Cowdays Race.Unlock Bebe
Win the Pink Lemonade Race.Unlock Big Gay Al
Hit the Read-A-Book Day Truck with Salty Balls 5 times in the Read-A-Book Day Race.Unlock Cartman Cop
Win the New Year's Race by being the only racer to touh the key.Unlock Damian
Win the Halloween Race by Only Dropping 4 Candies Off at a time.Unlock Death
Finish Championship Mode without spending any tokens.Unlock Everything
Win the Halloween RaceUnlock Grandpa
Get the hidden power-up on the airplane wing in the Memorial Day Raace. To do this, use a Phillip Phart on the broken road, and use another one in mid-air to land on the airplane wing.Unlock Ike
Win the Christmas race.Unlock Jesus
Win the Independence Day RaceUnlock Mephisto
Be the only racer to activate all four checkpoints in the Rally Days 2 Race.Unlock Mr. Garrison
Win the Spring Cleaning Race.Unlock Mr. Mackey
Be the only racer to drop off lemonade in the Pink Lemonade Race.Unlock Ms. Cartman
Collect 12 turbo pick-ups in the Independence Day Race.Unlock Ned
Activate Checkpoints 1 and 4 in the Rayy Days 2 RaceUnlock Pip
Win the New Year's RaceUnlock Satan
In the Easter Egg Hunt Race, use a Phillip Phart to launch yourself towards the waterfall. Near the waterfall, there should be a Golden Cow. Get this to unlock Scuzzlebutt.Unlock Scuzzlebutt
Get the pie behind the building in the Easter Egg Hunt Race.Unlock Sheila Broflovski
Win the Valentine's Day RaceUnlock Shelly
Lose the Thanksgiving Race without collecting any turkeys.Unlock Starvin' Marvin
Get the 4 Hidden Power-Ups in the Christmas race.Unlock Terrance and Phillip
Get 5 Caffeine Pick-Ups in the Spring Cleaning RaceUnlock Tweek
Get the 2 power-ups in the Memorial Day Race. One is located above Checkpoint 1, and the other is on the ledge of the lava river by Checkpoint 4.Unlock Visitor

Contributed By: Chegg and KasketDarkfyre.

Unlockable courses

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete Cow Days in Championship modeBig Gay Al's Track
Beat Rally Days #2 in Championship modeFarm
Complete Spring Cleaning in Championship modeForest
Complete Read-A-Book Day in Championship modeMountain
Complete Valentine's Day in Championship modeSewer
Complete Pink Lemonade in Championship modeVolcano

Contributed By: Colonel_Sponsz.