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Star Ocean: The Second Story


Fight on the hidden Canyon battle field!

You must have a song that summons an enemy to battle, such as The Evil Melody and Enter the Hero. You have to do this while in an area where random battles can occur.

When the song is played successfully, SAVE your game while the song is still playing without returning to the field screen and load the game. Once you load it, enter an area where random battles cannot occur, such as a town. Go into the menu and exit it. You'll enter combat from the result of the song played earlier and you'll be on an unfinished Canyon battle field. Was this originally planned to be included in the game, or was it just a test field the developers used and never removed from the game?

Contributed By: ClaudeLv250.

Hear all voices

If you have an empty spot in the voice collection with a filed spot next to it, press X on the filled spot, then quickly move to the empty one. You'll hear the voice for the empty spot instead.

Contributed By: madklown23.


Misc. Unlockables

UnlockableHow to Unlock
COllect 45% of the VFX in the game.More Difficulty Levels
Collect 75% of the VFX in the game.Music Test

Contributed By: KasketDarkfyre and Divinemaxim.

No limiter

First you MUST do a PA in Clik and find a woman shouting in order to do the PA in Central City. Then, you need to save at the final save point at Fienal. Now, head back to Central City and do a PA there. Go to the building where Narl is. When in there you will see someone named Filia. Talk to her and she'll get pulled by some force and will drop a pretty good accesory. Now instead of being able to kill Indalecio at like 80-90 lvl now you need to level up to about level 220 with the best equipment to actually have a chance to kill him.
Good Luck.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
PA in Central City with FiliaFinal Bosses' (Indalecio) limiter off

Contributed By: Shonen90.


Fight the Secret Boss Iselia Queen

Once you beat the Cave of Trials Bonus dungeon's final boss, you'll get the Silver Trumpet instrument. Compose with the Silver Trumpet until you get it's second song, The Evil Melody, and play it with a character that has the Pitch and Sense of Rhythm Talents and a level 10 with the Musical Instrument. Make sure you're in an area where random battles can take place and once you've successfully played the song and leave the menu, you'll enter battle. Good luck because Iselia is tough!

Contributed By: ClaudeLv250.

Secret Dungeon

After reaching the final save point before Indalecio in Fienal, leave and go to Fun City. At the northern end of the arena is an old man. Talk to him, and you can ask him to send you ''into your memories''. Doing so will return you to Arlia in Expel. Leave Arlia to find a Synard. You can now fly to and enter the secret dungeon on the desert island to the southwest of the map.

Contributed By: White Dragon Nall.