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Tekken 3


Unlock Gon Easily

Get a high score on Survival mode, then enter the following as your name:

GONUnlock Gon

Contributed By: Leon897.


Alternative End For Gun Jack

Lost the game 10 times with Gun Jack and hold both kicks after every round.

Contributed By: freakunique.

Gon (alternate method)

To unlock Gon, you must beat it in Tekken Ball (it will appear as your first opponent), or in Arcade mode (it appears randomly).

Contributed By: Carmensk.

Misc. Unlockables

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Play with Anna 25 times in a row, then select her by pressing StartAnna's zebra skin costume
Collect the bronze, silver and gold keys in Tekken Force by completing it three times. Then play through it one more time. After you beat the boss of the last stage, you will be taken to an underground cave and defeat Dr. BDr. Boskonovitch
Play as Jack 10 times, then select him by pressing StartJack's Tank Top
Play as Jin 50 times, then select him by pressing StartJin's School Uniform
Play as Ling 50 times, then select her by pressing StartLing's School Uniform
Beat the game with all non-hidden game charactersTekken Ball Mode and Gon
Beat the game in arcade mode with all non-hidden charactersTheater Mode

Contributed By: Joel P. Davis, BVMatt, Little G, KasketDarkfyre, dinobotmaximized, and The Atomic Tomato.

School Background

First you must have unlocked Jin or Xiayou's school uniforms. Once you've done that select a two-player game and choose Jin or Xiayou by pressing Triangle before your opponent selects their player. You'll then get to fight in a school yard background.

Contributed By: freakunique.

Unlock Characters

Tiger-Finish Arcade mode with every character then highlight Eddy and press Start or Triangle

Panda-Highlight Kuma and press o or x

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat arcade mode five timesAnna Williams
Beat arcade mode six timesBryan Fury
Beat arcade mode three timesGun Jack
Beat arade mode seven timesHeihachi
Beat arcade mode twiceJulia Chang
Beat arcade mode onceKuma
Beat arcade mode four timesMokujin
Beat arcade mode eight timesOgre
Beat arcade mode nine timesTrue Ogre

Contributed By: CKY274.

Unlockable characters and modes (alternate method)

These are determined by the number of times you've selected any character (refer to Character Usage, Records, Options menu)

UnlockableHow to Unlock
700Dr. Bosconovitch
200Gun Jack
100 matchesKuma
550Tekken Ball Mode
750Theater Mode, all extra costumes
600Tiger (Eddy alternate)
500True Ogre

Contributed By: Carmensk.


Finishing Poses

After you defeat your opponent press either Triangle, Circle, X Button, or Square and hold it down to see different Finishing Poses.

Contributed By: pathestar1459.

Listen to a Song

If you put Tekken 3 into your computer, or a CD player, and go to Track 2, you can listen to a 2:37 song called The King Of Iron Fist Tournament 3: Enter The Tekken.

Contributed By: Mr_Popadopalis.

Make Mokujin Sound as a Wooden Block

On Mukujin's picture, hold down until the match begins.

Contributed By: clayton16.

Tekken and Tekken 2 Videos

While in Theatre mode if you have save data from Tekken or Tekken 2 on your memory card you can view any unlocked FMVs from either game.

Contributed By: jnr wonderful.