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Twisted Metal 2


Hidden 2 Player Levels

Enter the following at the 2 player level select screen:

Down, Up, L1, R1Cyburbia
Up, Down, Right, R1Jet Moto track
Down, Left, R1, DownRooftops

Contributed By: Dekar182.

In-Game Cheat Codes

Enter any of the following codes during the game (not paused) for the desired effect.

Right, Left, DownDrop Mine code
Left, Right, UpFreeze Burst Code
Up, Up, LeftHigh Jump
Hold L2 + R2, press Up, Down, Left, Right, Right, Left, Down, UpInfinite Weapons + Turbo
Hold L1 + R1, press up, down, left, right, right, left, down, up, release L1 + R1 (code must be entered quickly)Invincibility
Hold R2, press Up, Down, Left, Right, Right, Left, Down, UpMega Machine Gun
Right, Left, UpNapalm Code
Left, Right, DownRear Attack
Right, Down, Left, UpTemporary Invisibility
Up, Up, RightTemporary Shield

Contributed By: Retro and CCajes.

Misc. Codes

During the game press Select + LeftDisable radar
During the game press Down, Up, Right, Left, Up, Up, Down, DownHealth boost (note: you will lose all your weapons, and this only works if your advanced attack bar is full)
Press Up, Down, L1, R1 at the Single Track screen when the logo changes into it's second form.Hidden FMV sequence
Highlight napalm, hold L2 and press Up, Down, Down, Left, Left, Left, Right, RightHoming Napalms
Select Axel, hold R1 and then during the game press Up, Down, Left, Right, Right, Left, Down, UpMassive Damage (ram your opponents)
At the vehicle select screen press L1, Up, Down, LeftMinion
During the game press Select + RightRear view mirror
Hold Up + Select during a one player game to switch camera views. In two player mode this selects how the screen is split.Select view
At the vehicle select screen press Up, L1, Triangle, RightSweet Tooth
Hold the machine gun button and press Up, Down, Up, UpUse Minion's weapon with any character

Contributed By: CCajes, freakunique, Warhawk, Perfect Hitman, and Retro.


Axel Level Passwords

Triangle, Triangle, Square, Circle, CircleAmazonia
X, X, Triangle, Square, Triangle, CircleAntarctica
Triangle, Square, Triangle, Square, Blank, SquareDark Tooth
Circle, X, Circle, Triangle, Circle, CircleHolland
Triangle, X, Circle, X, X, CircleHong Kong
X, Triangle, X, X, Blank, BlankMoscow
Blank, Triangle, Square, Square, X, BlankNew York
Circle, Triangle, Square, Blank, Triangle, BlankParis

Contributed By: Vincento.

Grasshopper Level Passwords

Blank, X, Circle, Circle, Triangle, CircleAmazonia
Square, Triangle, Blank, Blank, Blank, SquareAntarctica
X, Blank, X, Square, Square, BlankDark Tooth
Triangle, X, Blank, Blank, Blank, SquareHolland
X, Triangle, Triangle, Blank, Blank, TriangleHong Kong
Triangle, X, Circle, Blank, Blank, BlankMoscow
Circle, Circle, Square, Circle, Square, CircleNew York
X, Triangle, Circle, Square, Square, CircleParis

Contributed By: Vincento.

Hammerhead Level Passwords

Triangle, Blank, Blank, Blank, X, CircleAmazonia
Triangle, X, Triangle, Circle, X, SquareAntarctica
Circle, Circle, Circle, Blank, Triangle, XDark Tooth
Triangle, Square, Square, X, Square, BlankHolland
Circle, Triangle, Circle, Square, Square, TriangleHong Kong
Blank, Triangle, X, X, X, BlankMoscow
Triangle, Triangle, X, Triangle, X, XNew York
Blank, X, Triangle, Square, X, TriangleParis

Contributed By: Vincento.

Infinite Special Moves

Triangle, L1, Down, Triangle, UpInfinite Special Moves

Contributed By: Dark Horse.

Mr. Grimm Level Passwords

X, Square, Square, Triangle, Triangle, TriangleAmazonia
Circle, Triangle, X, Triangle, X, BlankAntarctica
Blank, Square, Triangle, Circle, Circle, TriangeDark Tooth
X, X, Triangle, Blank, Circle, XHolland
Blank, X, Circle, Triangle, Square, SquareHong Kong
Triangle, Triangle, X, X, Circle, BlankMoscow
Triangle, Blank, Blank, Circle, X, CircleNew York
Circle, X, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, XParis

Contributed By: Vincento.

Mr. Slam Level Passwords

Circle, Triangle, Square, Blank, Square, XAmazonia
Triangle, Blank, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, TriangleAntarctica
Square, Blank, Square, Triangle, Circle, XDark Tooth
Blank, Circle, Blank, Blank, Circle, BlankHolland
Square, Blank, Blank, Triangle, Blank, TriangleHong Kong
X, X, Triangle, Square, X, BlankMoscow
Triangle, X, Circle, Square, Blank, CircleNew York
X, Blank, Blank, Circle, X, SquareParis

Contributed By: Vincento.

Outlaw Level Passwords

Triangle, Square, Square, Square, Triangle, BlankAmazonia
X, Triangle, Circle, X, Triangle, BlankAntarctica
Blank, Circle, X, Blank, Triangle, BlankDark Tooth
X, Square, Square, Blank, Triangle, BlankHolland
Blank, Triangle, X, Square, X, XHong Kong
Blank, X, Circle, Blank, TriangleMoscow
Circle, X, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, BlankNew York
Triangle, Triangle, X, Circle, Triangle, BlankParis

Contributed By: Vincento.

Roadkill Level Passwords

X, X, Triangle, Circle, Square, TriangleAmazonia
Blank, Triangle, Square, X, Circle, BlankAntarctica
Triangle, Circle, X, Triangle, Square, XDark Tooth
X, Blank, Blank, Triangle, SquareHolland
Triangle, Square, Square, Triangle, Circle, TriangleHong Kong
Hold L1 + R1, press up, down, left, right, right, left, down, up, release L1 + R1 (code must be entered quickly)Invincibility
Circle, X, Triangle, Square, Square, BlankMoscow
Circle, Blank, BLank, X, Blank, XNew York
Triangle, Blank, Triangle, Blank, Blank, CircleParis

Contributed By: Vincento and metalgreymon88.

Shadow Level Passwords

X, Triangle, X, Square, Circle, TriangleAmazonia
Circle, X, Circle, Circle, X, CircleAntarctica
Circle, Triangle, Blank, Triangle, Circle, BlankDark Tooth
Circle, Triangle, Square, Triangle, SquareHolland
Circle, Blank, Triangle, Blank, Square, XHong Kong
Square, Blank, Blank, Triangle, Triangle, BlankMoscow
X, Blank, Blank, X, Circle, SquareNew York
X, X, Circle, Blank, Triangle, XParis

Contributed By: Vincento.

Spectre Level Passwords

Circle, X, Triangle, Square, Triangle, XAmazonia
X, Blank, Blank, Blank, Circle, TriangleAntarctica
X, Circle, Circle, Circle, Blank, TriangleDark Tooth
Triangle, Blank, Square, X, SquareHolland
X, Triangle, X, Triangle, Circle, SquareHong Kong
Circle, Triangle, X, X, Triangle, BlankMoscow
Blank, X, Circle, X, X, TriangleNew York
Blank, Triangle, Square, Circle, Circle, XParis

Contributed By: Vincento.

Thumper Level Passwords

Triangle, X, Circle, Blank, Square, BlankAmazonia
Triangle, Triangle, Square, Blank, Blank, BlankAntarctica
Triangle, Blank, Square, Square, X, CircleDark Tooth
X, Triangle, X, Blank, Square, TriangleHolland
Triangle, Blank, Blank, Square, Triangle, BlankHong Kong
Circle, Blank, Blank, Triangle, X, BlankMoscow
X, X, Triangle, Triangle, X, TriangleNew York
X, Square, Square, CIrcle, Circle, TriangleParis

Contributed By: Vincento.

Twister Level Passwords

Blank, Triangle, Square, X, Square, CircleAmazonia
Circle, Blank, Blank, X, Square, TriangleAntarctica
X, Square, Blank, Square, Triangle, CircleDark Tooth
Blank, X, X, Blank, Blank, CircleHolland
X, X, Triangle, X, Square, BlankHong Kong
X< Blank, Blank, Triangle, Circle, BlankMoscow
X, Triangle, X, Circle, X, BlankNew York
Triangle, X, Circle, Circle, X, TriangleParis

Contributed By: Vincento.

Warthog Level Passwords

Circle, Square, Square, Circle, X, XAmazonia
Blank, X, Circle, Triangle, Blank, SquareAntarctica
Circle, Square, Blank, Circle, Circle, SquareDark Tooth
Triangle, X, Triangle, Square, Blank, XHolland
Circle, X, Triangle, Circle, Blank, CircleHong Kong
Triangle, Blank, Blank, Triangle, Square, BlankMoscow
X, Square, Square, Blank, X, CircleNew York
Triangle, Square, Square, Square, X, SquareParis

Contributed By: Vincento.


Get on the house rooftops in Paris

In the Paris level, place a remote bomb under (or inside, after teleporting at the top) the Eiffel Tower, and detonate it. The tower will collapse and you can use it to access the house rooftops.

Contributed By: omegametroid5 and Rezon.

Randomly select a vehicle

On the character selection screen press R1 and your vehicle will be randomly selected. The same applies to the opponents in Challenge Match mode.

Contributed By: Vincento and Rezon.

See all Weapons

While playing the game, press select and down at the same time to see a list of all the weapons you are currently holding.

Contributed By: Vincento.

Secret Items

Statue of Liberty in bikini

Fire a Power missile at the Statue of Liberty in the New York level. The first time you hit the statue, it'll explode and reveal another statue wearing a red bikini. The second time you hit it, it'll completely be destroyed.

Contributed By: Rezon.