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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4



Select a goal. Push Start. Hold L1, Triangle, Right, Up, X, Right, Circle, Up, Triangle, Square, Left, Up, X.Beat Goal Code

Contributed By: ISpectI.


Unlock Cheats

Complete Pro Challenges to unlock cheats in the Cheats menu:

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete 5 Pro ChallengesAlways Special
Get every gap in the game.Level Flip
Complete 4 Pro ChallengesLittle Person
Complete 2 Pro ChallengesMoon Physics
Complete 6 Pro ChallengesPerfect Balance
Complete 1 Pro ChallengeSim Mode
Complete 3 Pro ChallengesSlow Motion Tricks
Complete 7 Pro ChallengesStud Mode

Contributed By: Slateman.

Unlock Stages

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete 100 Goal PointsLittle Big World

Contributed By: Slateman.


Play As Hidden Skaters

Enter one of the names below into the create a skater screen, and their stats will appear.

$%@!, Aaron Skillman, Adam Lippman, Andrew Skates, Andy Marchal, Angus, Atiba Jefferson, Ben Scott Pye, Big Tex, Brian Jennings, Captain Liberty, Chauwa Steel, Chris Peacock, ConMan, Danaconda, Dave Stohl, DDT, DeadEndRoad,
Fakes The Clown, Fritz, Gary Jesdanun, Grjost, Henry Ji,
Jason Uyeda, Jim Jagger, Joe Favazza, John Rosser, Jow, Kenzo, Kevin Mulhall, Kraken, Lindsey Hayes, Lisa G Davies,
Little Man, Marilena Rixfor, Mat Hoffman, Matt Mcpherson,
Maya's Daddy, Meek West, Mike Day, Mike Lashever, Mike Ward, Mr. Brad, Nolan Nelson, Parking Guy, Peasus, Pete Day, Pooper, Rick Thorne, Sik, Stacey D, Stacey Ytuarte,Stealing Is Bad, Team Chicken, Ted Barber, Todd Wahoske, Top Bloke, Wardcore, Zac ZiG Drake.

Contributed By: starkroid.