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Road & Track Presents: The Need for Speed


Blurred Graphics

After choosing an opponent hold Up + L1 + L2Blurred Graphics
Highlight any car at the car select screen and press Start, as soon as you press Start hold Left + Square + Circle until the race beginsHeavy Car

Contributed By: Warhawk and Ben Zetlitz.


All Track and Warrior Car

Enter the following as your password for one player tournament mode:

MQKZCLAll Track and Warrior Car
TSYBNSLost Vegas and Rally tracks (highlight Lost Vegas and press L1 + R1 in two player mode to access Lost Rally)
XRMQHXNo Mercy Mode (while choosing head to head on single player hold L1 + L2), and Arcade Mode (highlight the number of laps option and hold L1 + L2)

Contributed By: KasketDarkfyre, matt86, and FByies.

Track Passwords

Enter the following codes at the password screen

WRDRTYTrack 01
ZDPBWNTrack 02
MTQRZPTrack 03
JVPZLLTrack 04
ZYMNLHTrack 05
WMRPGZTrack 06
YXGSJJTrack 07
KJPQNDTrack 08
SDQWCGTrack 09
SLZXDHTrack 10
SPZDFXTrack 11
ZVGRGXTrack 12
XJHVCKTrack 14

Contributed By: Mike Truitt.


Resume After Crash

To immediately return to the road after you crash repeatedly press L1 + R1.

Contributed By: Warhawk.