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NFL GameDay 2003


Some cheats

1. Go to the OPTIONS page

2. Enter the following codes:

Effect Code
More endurance ENDURANCE
Increased defense RED ZONE
Break the line easier LINE BUSTER
Even matched teams EVEN STEVEN
Big players BIGBOYS
Huge players TINY
Small players MUNCHKINS
Skinny players PENCILS
Fat players BIG PIG
Tall players BASKETBALL
Flat players PANCAKE
All named after programers REDZONE
All named after 989 people 989 SPORTS
All named after Presidents OVAL OFFICE
All last names are Bobo ALL BOBO
View credits CREDITS
Floating players POP WARNER
Big football BIG PIG
Can kick longer fieldgoals SUPER FOOT
Mile High stadium 5280 CLUB
GameDay 2003 stadium GRUDGE MATCH

Contributed By: Shannon.