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Digimon World


Digivolve into any Digimon in the game

This is for the Japanese version only!

Start a new game and enter your charaters name. Watch the movie and right as it ends press and hold Triangle, Square, and Circle. If done right a menu appears. Let go of the buttons and then check your inventory. It should be full of different kinds of items. Pick one and feed it to your Digimon.

If your Digimon does not take it quickly press Triangle, Square, and Circle. Your digimon will then digivolve into a Digimon. What you feed it will determine what it becomes. If you do not like the Digimon you end up with press Triangle, Square, and Circle right after it has digivolve. Feed it something else and it will digivolve again. When you get the Digimon you want let go of the three buttons.

Contributed By: Med Jai.

Get a lot of Items, including Digivolution items

This is also for the Japanese version ONLY.

Just as in the code above, start a new game, and after the cinematic ends, hold down Triangle immediately. When a menu appears, you can check your inventory, where there would be many items.

However, if you follow the above code, you will lose all of these items after you're done. To keep them, note that there is only a Jijimon and a Tokomon on the screen. Press X, then immediately hold Triangle again. When the screen loads again, you will see that there is more child Digimons now. Open your inventory, and feed your Digimon an Auto Pilot. You should now be near the bottom of the screen. You can now walk around, with all of the items still in possession. However, all of your Digimon's stats are 0. Head directly to the left, avoiding Jijimon at all cost, and train your Digimon at the Green Gym so that it is strong enough to beat Agumon. Then, head downward to Native Forest, and fight and defeat Agumon, resulting in him joining the town and opening the Item Bank. Now, carefully go to the Item Bank without going near Jijimon, and deposit all of your rare items into the bank. You can now safely walk to Jijimon which will start the opening event, and then you can continue with the game with all the rare items you got!

Contributed By: sam94030.


Raise Stats Infinitely

If you have Digitamamon in your city at the restaraunt, enter it with a hungry digimon and enough money to buy as many meals as possible. Buy one to check if stats increase. Digitamamon's meals do not make your digimon full, so you can continue eating until your digimon reaches maximum stats.

Contributed By: MGRaiden.


How to unlock Medals

Simply follow the instrutions given

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Survive for 300 Days10 years
Catch 100 fishes100 fish
Collect 999,999 bitsBits maxed
Have all Digimon cardsCard complete
Raised all Digimon on chartDigimon Master
Finish the gameEnding
Win in cup C,D,B,A,S tournamentsGrade cup
Maxed all of your digimons parametersMax abilities
Get a perfect score in curlingPerfect curling
Win in Dino, Wing,Animal,Human tournamentsSpecial cup
Mastered all techniquesTechnique Master
Recruit all DigimonTown Flourishing
Win in Fire,Grapple,Thunder,Wind,Nature,Cool,Metallic,Filth tournamentsType cup
Win in Ver 1,2,3,4,0 tournamentsVersion cup

Contributed By: TinPhams.

To get Machinedramon in 2- Player Matches

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat Machinedramon in Mount Infinity. To open Mt. Infinity, get 50+ prosperity points.Machinedramon in 2- Player Matches

Contributed By: BriW.


To see Your opponent's HP in battling situation

To see your opponent's HP,simply just press SELECT once to see it and if you want to close it, press SELECT again to turn it off. This can be done while you are battling with enemy mons.

Contributed By: Lee Eng Sing.