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WWF SmackDown! 2: Know Your Role


Misc. Unlockables

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Win King of the Ring during year oneBilly Gunn
Play season mode until you get to the pay per view event No Way OutCactus Jack
Find and beat the character known as "Unknown R" in Season ModeDeadman Undertaker parts in Create-A-Wrestler
At Raw after the Royal Rumble during year 1, Debra will be backstage. She will ask Vince to be in a beauty contest. After that she is unlocked.Debra
They will be shown backstage. After the event all three are unlocked.Mean Street Posse
Play in season mode and get to the first week of April in year two.Michael Cole
Play season mode until you get to Wrestlemania.Mick Foley
Complete the first RAW show following the Fully Loaded pay-per-view.Pat Patterson & Gerald Brisco
Play season mode until you get to the May pay per view event Judgement Day.Shawn Michaels
Go to Backslash in the first year of season mode, then complete the event with Stone ColdStone Cold
Play season mode until August of 2000 when a TLC match takes place.TLC match
Play season mode through until you get to Wrestlemania in year five, then win the match.Unlock Everything
Play in season mode and get to the fourth week of March.Wrestlemania 2000 Commercial

Contributed By: Tony G, wwfsbaddawg, MrDeePay, Ugly Joe, Bestoffuture, SmashBurb, Shady, and BigBombB.

Easter Eggs

Big Show in Royal Rumble

Sometimes, in a Royal Rumble match, the Big Show will make an appearance.
His name is "Unknown", but he has a full appearance, moves, music and attributes. There is no way to make him appear; it is completely random. Also, this is the only way to play as the Big Show in the game, as he is not a selectable character.

Contributed By: Edgehead7.


Automatic #1 Contendership and Title Shot

First place the wrestler of your choice in a Title Division.

Then take out all the wrestlers in the division except for the wrestler you put in recently place all the other wrestlers in Others.

There will be two wrestlers left the champion and the westler you wanted.

Place the other wrestlers you put in Others back in.

The wrestler you originally put in will now be ranked #2 under the champion.

Now go back to the season and you will automatically get a title shot.

This works in every division except Others and Tag Team.

Contributed By: Dyse.

Get 225 ability points.

When you can create five features for your wrestler, put the four weak body parts and ''The Iron King.'' You'll get 225 ability points for your character.

Contributed By: CVagts.

Hidden Backstage Areas

Shower Room: Enter the locker room. Whip your opponent into the center of the wall directly across the weights/gym equipment. A hole should form, which leads to the shower room.

Boiler Room: Go to the basement. Go over to the door with the yellow banners over it. Whip your opponent into the grating directly to the right of the door. It should break, and form an opening, leading to the boiler room.

WWF New York: In Season Mode, you should see a cut scene, with Michael Cole saying WWF New York will be opening in one month. After a few more shows, there will be another cut scene of Michael Cole in WWF New York. When you go down to the basement, you can now enter WWF New York.

Contributed By: MTRodaba2468.