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Vagrant Story


Obtainable Titles

Here is how you can obtain the different titles.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat RavanaAlly of the Wood
Find Golden KeyBearer of the New World
Defeat 5000+ enemies in each classBlood-Thirsty Conqueror
Attack 500+ times with Heavy MaceCleric Looking for Truth
Beat all Time Trials with an Excellent ratingConqueror of Time
Beat Damascus GolemDestroyer of Gaeus
Attack 500+ times with Great AxeEarth Shaker
Get 100% mapFinder of Dark
Attack 500+ times with SwordGreat Swordsman
Get all Battle AbilitiesHand of Skill
Attack 500+ times with CrossbowHeaven's Huntsman
Find Chest KeyHoard Finder
Complete game without using magicHoly Traveler
Beat Masques CrabHunter in the Snowfield
Attack 500+ times with bare handsMaster Martial Artist
Attack 500+ times with Great SwordMaster of Blades
Complete game without using Battle AbilitiesPride Fighter
Complete game without using Break ArtsProud Warrior
Attack 5000+ times with each different weaponRespecter of Fighting
Get all Break ArtsRuler of Power
Complete the game in 10 hours or lessRuler of the Fallen City
Complete the game without savingSearcher of Luck
Complete the game onceSeeker of Truth
Attack 500+ times with DaggerSilent Assassin
Beat Dragon ZombieSlayer of the Wyrm
Get chain of 30+Sparkling Warrior
Attack 500+ times with PolearmsSpearsman of the Gale
Attack 500+ times with Axe and MaceSteel Dragoon
Get 100% treasure boxesSuccessor of the Legacy
Attack 500+ times with StaffSweeper of the Dark
Beat Death and OgrezonVanquisher of Death
Beat VishnuWarrior of Asura

Contributed By: red soul.


Enimies love you

When fighting an enemy use repeated cure or risk lowering items and eventually a heart will appear above its head. Now it will follow you anywhere in the room you are in and will attack other enimies for you.

Note: This doesn't work with bosses or zombies.

Contributed By: lionheart789.

New Game +

Beat the game, then load the saved game. This will give you a ''New Game +'' feature. This game lets you use your old level and weapons.

Contributed By: Return of RPGMonkey.