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Gauntlet: Dark Legacy


Character Codes

Input these codes as a new characters name to play as various characters.

BAT900Battle General
CAS400Castle General
DES700Desert General
STG333Employee Stig
GAM666Evil Wizard
CSS222Ex-Employee Chris
RIZ721Football player
STX222Happy Face
ICE600Ice General
AYA555Japanese Schoolgirl
SJB964Karate Steve
DARTHCKnight in black armor
ARV984Man with mace
DIB626Manager Mike
MTN200Mountain General
EGG911Pojo the Chicken
PNK666Punk rock
RAT333Rat Knight
GARM99Regular Garm
NUD0(or O, conflicting info)69S&M Dwarf
GARM00Sickly Garm
SKY100Sky General
TWN300Town General

Contributed By: WhiteKnight, Saffiru, and ssmith1.

Cheat Codes

Only one cheat can be entered at a time with a name.

10000K10,000 Gold
DELTA1Enemies Always Shrunk
PURPLEFull Turbo
ALLFULHave 9 potions and keys
REFLEXReflect Shot
XSPEEDRun quickly
SSHOTSSuper Crossbow
QCKSHTThrow quickly
MENAGETriple Shot
PEEKINX-Ray Vision

Contributed By: Asch The Hated.


Different Realms

To unlock each realm, you must collect a certain number of crystals of a certain color.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Get 125 Purple CrystalsThe Castle Stronghold
Get 200 Yellow CrystalsThe Desert Lands
Get 250 Black CrystalsThe Dream World
Get 175 Green CrystalsThe Forest Realm
Get 15 Orange CrystalsThe Forsaken Province
Get 225 White CrystalsThe Ice Domain
Get 100 Red CrystalsThe Mountain Kingdom
Get 150 Blue CrystalsThe Sky Dominion

Contributed By: monkeydance994 and MarioMaster1337.


UnlockableHow to Unlock
While the game is loading, hold down the X button, after the Midway Legal screen is shown all of the movies from the game will be played. Hit X to skip to the next movie.All Movies

Contributed By: Saffiru.

Secret Characters

To unlock more secret characters, do the following:

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat the Torture Chamber Coin LevelFalconess
Beat the Haunted House Coin LevelHyena
Beat the Temple of the Magi Coin LevelJackel
Beat the Ghost Town Coin LevelMedusa
Beat the Dagger Peak Coin LevelMinotaur
Beat the Ice Realm Coin LevelOgre
Beat the Forest Realm Coin LevelTigress
Beat the Toxic Spire Coin LevelUnicorn

Contributed By: monkeydance994.

Easter Eggs

Start with 666 health

When entering a name for a new save file, type in "SATAN". your base health for any character will be 666

Contributed By: demontal62.