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MDK 2: Armageddon


Character Alteration

At the main menu, please do the following:

Simultaneously press and hold L2 and R2, and then press square, square, triangle, square. Start game.Kurt in Boxer Shorts

Contributed By: Tee.


Pause the game then enter these codes:

Hold L2+R2 and press X, O, X, OBad Camera
Hold L2+R2 and press Up, Down, Right, Left, X, Triangle, O, Square, SquareMixed Character

Contributed By: Starky27.

Secret Modes

Please do the following:

Hold R2 and press up four times while playing as Max.Slow Motion mode

Contributed By: Robshi.

Special Effects

While playing the game, pause (hit start). Then do the following:

Press and hold L2 and R2. Holding them, press up, up, down, down, L, L, R, R, square, triangle, square, triangle, select.Invincibility
Press and hold L1 and R1.Matrix Camera, removes the pause menu and give you a better look at the rotating view while paused.
Hold down L2 and R2. While holding them down, press circle, X, circle, X.Race Car Camera
Hold down L2 and R2. While holding them, press circle, X, circle, triangle.Stationary Camera

Contributed By: Achilles Heel.