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Giants: Citizen Kabuto


Camera mode

XTRASEEEnable Front View Mode
CLOSEUPEnhanced Zoom mode
KVIEWFront View mode for Kabuto only

Contributed By: Keith Valentine, tiger8191, and War Pig.

Cheat Codes

LILBUDYAccess Cheat Giftshop
ALPUNEnable Cheat Menu
FALLOUTInfinite Ammo for the Meccaryns
38HKInfinite Jet Pack
BGDAInfinite Mana
THEHARESpeedy Player

Contributed By: War Pig, Keith Valentine, and Gabesnake.

Color codes

UDDOIT2Blue screen
SNIPEMEGreen screen
DOROTHYMany colors
ANGRYRed screen

Contributed By: Keith Valentine.


MBP4UJPUnlock all missions

Contributed By: Keith Valentine.


Climb Any Mountain with Delphi

This glitch is simplistic yet very useful since you can get to spots normally unreachable with Delphi, and even take shortcuts (particularly on the Army Barracks Onslaught mission). To climb any mountain with Delphi, simple jump to the mountain while at its base, then continually tap the jump and turbo buttons together (L1 + L2 by default). Just keep tapping them and Delphi will start to soar up the mountainside whether you are pushing your analog stick against it or not. Now, when your turbo meter runs out Delphi will act as if she is going to fall --- but if you do not let up on the tapping, she will not. Instead, she will keep getting more boosts until you reach the top. (Note: On some missions Delphi’s turbo won’t be available and this glitch cannot be performed.)

Contributed By: Cold NRG.