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Time Crisis II



UnlockableHow to Unlock
Unlock Free Play to change the lives up to 9 in ''Options''9 Lives
Earn one of the top 5 rankings in ''Quick & Crash'' mini-game modeAdditional Mini-Games in Quick & Crash Mode
Complete ''Story'' mode twiceAutomatic Ammo
Complete ''Story'' mode onceCrisis Mission Mode
Earn a high score in ''Retro'' mode of ''Shoot Away 2'' mini-game modeExtra Mode in Shoot Away 2 Mode
Complete all of the missions in ''Crisis Mission'' modeFinal Mission 2 in Crisis Mission Mode
Complete ''Story'' mode using Automatic AmmoInfinite Ammo
Complete ''Story'' mode without continuingMirror Mode
Everytime you use up all of the Credits in one game, 1 Credit is added for the next game you play. Once the Credits goes past 9, you'll earn Free PlayMore Credits
Complete the ''Final Mission'' in ''Crisis Mission'' modeMusic Player
Complete Stage 1 in ''Story'' modeOne Stage Trial Stage 2
Complete Stage 2 in ''Story'' modeOne Stage Trial Stage 3
Complete ''Story'' mode using Infinite AmmoWide Ammo

Contributed By: Asch The Hated.


Free Play and up to 9 Lives on PAL version

Complete Story mode on the Very Hard difficulty.

Contributed By: SJK.