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Tekken 4


Alternate Costume/Characters

After beating story mode with Ling Xiaoyu highlight her in the character selection screen and press Triangle.Alternate Ling Xiaoyu costume
You must first complete story mode once with Christie. On character select screen, highlight Christie and press TRIANGLE.Play as Eddy Gordo (JP)
You must first complete story mode once with Xiaoyu. During character select screen, highlight Xiaoyu and press CIRCLE.Play as Miharu (JP)
In the character select screen highlight Kuma and press either Triangle or Circle.Play as Panda
Highlight Lee at the character selection screen and press Circle.Play As Violet

Contributed By: Crimson Katana, mao2, and XPLICIT187.

Choose Victory Animation

After winning a round and you see the replay showing, pressing each button( [X], [O], etc...) will result in a different victory animation. This also works when the opponent wins.

Contributed By: red soul.


Play the Arena stage without any cages. (JP Version Only)

This is a glitch more than a Code, but you can use it to play in the Arena stage without any cages.

1) Finish Time Attack Mode.
2) Play Story Mode using the SAME CHARACTER. When you reach the final stage, skip Heihachi's intro (ie. press Start).

When the round begins, you'll see that the cages are down (actually, they're invisible). You can leave the Arena by going to the ramp which Heihachi walked down in the intro.

Note: In order for this code to work, you must play as a character who actually fights in the Arena Stage during story mode (for instance, Jin never fights in the Arena, so the glictch doesn't work for him).

Contributed By: IOOIIIIIO.


Unlock Theatre Mode

Beat the game once in Story mode.

Contributed By: tekki.

Unlockable Stages

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Clear Tekken Force modeDojo stage
Complete Story Mode with Steve FoxStatue Stage

Contributed By: mocchi and samuraichrono.

Unlocking Secret Characters

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat Story Mode 5 timesBryan Fury
Beat Story Mode 9 timesCombot
Beat Story Mode 8 timesHeihachi Mishima
Beat Story Mode 1 timeJin Kazama
Beat Story Mode 6 timesJulia Chang
Beat Story Mode 7 timesKuma/Panda
Beat Story Mode 4 timesLei Wulong
Beat Story Mode 3 timesNina Williams
Beat Story Mode 2 timesViolet/Lee Chaolan

Contributed By: Pokemon Emperor.


Attack All Enemies (Tekken Force Mode)

When using a move combination with King in Tekken Force mode, it will damage all enemies standing close to you as well. Though it makes fights easy, it tends to eat up valuable time.

Contributed By: dEmEnTeD cHiCkEn.

Display Attack Names during game.

In Arcade/Time Attack/Team Battle/VS mode, press Select during the game and you will see the names of your attack moves. Every time you enter a command attack, its Japanese name will be displayed.

Contributed By: 100111110.

Practice Mode Move Percentage

Enter Practice mode and select any character. Then press start and choose the command list. Now press and hold any of the shoulder buttons (R1,R2,L1,L2) and you should see the precentage of how many times you have performed that move in practice mode instead of the button combination for the move.

Contributed By: Big Dave.