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Spider-Man: The Movie


Cheat Codes

Enter these codes in the Cheats section under the Specials menu. Enter the code a second time to deactivate:

underthemask1st Person Mode
koalaAll Fighting Controls Unlocked
goestoyourheadBighead and Bigfeet Spidey
joelspeanutsBighead enemies
headexplodyEnable Bonus Training Levels
romitasEnables ''Next Level'' Feature in the In-Game menu
imiarmasEnables all levels
SPIDERBYTEMakes your person little
dodgethisMatrix Attacks
spiderbyteMini Spider-Man
captainstaceyPlay as Helicopter Pilot
girlnextdoorPlay as Mary Jane
freakoutPlay as Matrix Spidey
realheroPlay as Police Officer
serumPlay as Scientist
hermanschultzPlay as The Shocker
knucklesPlay as Thug 1
stickyricePlay as Thug 2
thugsrusPlay as Thug 3
chilloutSuper coolant
organicwebbingUnlimited Webbing
ARACHNIDUnlock All Levels, Combos, Vulture and Shocker Movies

Contributed By: strychnine, 30bball, Finnibin1, and rafdox.


Play As Wrestler

UnlockableHow to Unlock
complete the game under the 'Easy' or greater difficultyWrestler

Contributed By: Auto2112.


UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete the game under Normal or Hero difficulty setting to unlock the Alex Ross costume (another suggested design for the movie) in the Specials MenuAlternate Spiderman costume (Alex Ross)
Complete the game on Hero to unlock Green Goblin. You'll now play a very unique game with an original story (over the same levels of course), which you control Harry Osborn, the 2nd Goblin as he researches his father's death.Green Goblin second adventure
Earn 10,000 points in the single player game.Pinhead Bowling mini-game
Complete the game under Easy difficulty setting to unlock the Peter Parker costume in the Specials menu.Play as Peter Parker
Earn 30,000 points in the single player game.Shocker CG Movie
Earn 50,000 points in the single player gameUnlimited Webbing In The Secret Store
Earn 20,000 points in the single player game.Vulture CG scene

Contributed By: Gfk!, Arthur, Neomaxim, and OrionPax.

Unlocking Green Goblin The Easy Way

To unlock Green Goblin the easy way:

First enter the cheat, ARACHNID or IMIARMAS to unlock all levels.

Start a new game and select the hero difficulty.

Once the level begins, pause the game and select exit to main menu.

Go to the Level Warp, and select Conclusion. After the Conclusion FMV finishes, press Circle to go back to the main menu again, this time go to the secret store, and you will have unlocked all secret costumes, including the Green Goblin. Now, turn the Green Goblin costume on, and start a new game, DO NOT SELECT 'YES' WHEN IT ASKS YOU IF YOU WANT TO RESET BONUS POINTS. SELECT NO. When the level begins you will be able to play as the Green Goblin, without having to had beaten the entire game on HERO difficulty.

Contributed By: Land Warrior PC.

Easter Eggs

See Game Developer Pictures

In pinhead bowling, if you turn around, there should be pictures of all of the game developers.

Contributed By: stewartjm.


Fight Bonesaw The Wrestler

To fight Bonesaw select basic combat in training. Defeat the first 59 enemies and the 60th enemy you can fight is Bonesaw (The Wrestler).

Contributed By: OrionPax.